I’m On A Boat

We’ll not yet, but I will be tomorrow for a week long Vacay (Thanks Dad for the tickets). The reason for no round up is…..busy packing ….yea I do realize excuses are like…..well you know. Anyways, this will be my first cruise so I don’t know how I’ll adjust to a life of not being able to check my email, blog stats, or Facebook. Whatever will I do?

Since I’m going to be gone all next week I would appreciate any promotion of my articles if you enjoy them. I’ll be posting them M,W,F. Thank you all for reading and hopefully I’ll be a changed man when I get back (I’ll let you know what I mean).

One last note is that I finally broke 100,000 in the Alexa ranking so I’m really happy. I thank all of you for visiting and I’m going to have a contest when I get back (and it won’t be books).

Since I always have time for the Yakezie, here are the member intros for this week of some of the Best Personal Finance Sites. If you want to know more about me go check mine out and you’ll see a big surprise.


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    And also, please don’t try to break into my home since I do live with roommates and they will be here. Plus, I do have a security system:

    Thank you all for just being you, and have a great weekend and next week.

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