I Think I’m Turning Japanese!!

”TheYou may notice the badge on the right. I have joined the Yakezie challenge. It’s a group of like minded personal finance bloggers that I’m excited to become a part of. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of my fellow Yakezie as I highlight there posts. I’m currently ranked at 1,059,759 on Alexa and hope to reach 900,000 by July 4th. Wish me luck.


New goal is 450,000 :)

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  • Welcome to the Yakezie, it is always a pleasure to work with people that are selflessly willing to promote others. Like they say, what goes around, comes around!

    BTW… I think you need to set your sights lower than 900,000. Personally, I think you can break 500,000!
    .-= LeanLifeCoach´s last blog ..A Thought Experiment – Changing Roles =-.

    • I think I’ll do that then. I didn’t really know what a feasible goal would be. Thanks for the welcome.

  • Welcome to Yakezie.
    There’s a google group you can join as well if You’re interested. There’s also a carnival, but I’m relatively new as well, and dont know where to submit that.

    Also, I think you can go even lower than 450k. (If you’re talking global). Either way, Good luck!

    • Thanks, I hope I can go below 450k that would be great. Thanks for the welcome

  • Welcome Kevin. We’re turning Japanese together. I was at 2.5K when I joined and I think that I just slightly edged you out this week. :) You were one of the people that was always WAAAAY ahead of me and I said that when I grew up I wanted to be just like you. :) Can we have a friendly battle to see who winds up on top on July 4?
    .-= Cheapskate Sandy´s last blog ..The Best Frugal People to Follow on Twitter =-.

    • I’m game. Yea it looks like you’re a little ahead, but not for long:)

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