Have a problem? Here Is How To Find A Solution

In the vast space of the internet there are lot’s of ways to find a solution to your problems. However, usually you have to find many different sites and piece together what the solution is. Well now there’s an easier way, it’s called SolutionAuctions. It recently launched and I can tell you it’s a very nifty idea.

The Story

The founder of SolutionAuctions had pretty much the same issue and thought there had to be a better way so he made a better way. It took a while to get all of the kinks worked out but after a few years he has a final product that recently went public.

My Thoughts

I went to the site with all of the thoughts of why would I pay for something when it’s free on the internet usually. But a little more thinking and I came to the conclusion, well it’s not all on the internet and if it is then it would be so much easier and less time consuming to have other people to do it.

SolutionAuctions is actually twofold, You can bid on solutions as well as auction off your problem to the lowest bidder. That way you can have other people find your solution and make life so much easier.

Selling Solutions

I actually created my own auction on How to create a website and found the process rather easy. The best thing I like about creating an auction is that it helps you to sell. It has you answer 3 questions, which are great questions, that will answer potential questions a buyer may have.

The best thing about the whole system is that it’s all automated. You upload the solution to their system and when ever someone wins it, SolutionAuctions automatically sends out the solution to them. This is a great opportunity to set up a passive income stream.

I did have a chance to speak with the owner and got a couple of things clarified and I figured I’d help out by stating what I learned.

  • When you’re selling you can choose to upgrade, like making your solution featured on the front page, which only lasts for the first listing. If you have it set to automatically relist, which you can do up to 99 times, it won’t count for each time although you can manually add it. This is good so you won’t be charged 99 times to do that unless you want to.
  • Also, if someone “buys now” that will be the end of your listing and then it will automatically relist if you have it set to.
  • If you list your auction for less than 24hrs and then someone buys it, then the relist will be for 24 hrs, not your original listing time.
  • All listing is free, the only cost is a percentage of the sell price when someone buys your solution.

Buying Solutions

One of the great things about buying solutions is that there is a 100% money back guarantee. That really takes the pressure off the buyer when it comes to not being sure if a solution is what it says it is. Also there’s a feedback system so you can see how good the solution seller is.

If you can’t find a solution all you have to do is set up an auction and have someone bid to solve your problem. Easy peasy.

There is one bad thought I had about the site and that is someone buying my solution and then selling it for cheaper. I talked with the owner and was told that all you have to do is, in your auction, say “this is for your own use only and you can not sell it to others without my permission.” If you have that and someone tries to sell it on there you can contact support and they will take care of it.

With that I can honestly say that this is a great opportunity for passive income and can save a lot of time if you have a problem.

Limited Time Promotion

Get started now because for a limited time if you do the following you will get sent cash via PayPal

  • For completing the survey when you go to the site you’ll receive $5
  • For every quality and hard to find solution auction you post on the site you’ll receive up to $30
  • For each referral you send them you’ll receive $1

I’ll just leave you with this quote from SolutionAuctions

Everyone is an expert in something

I was paid for this review. This is my honest review and I would never let a few bucks damage my reputation. Go check it out for yourself and let me know if I was wrong on something.

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  • Have a problem? Here Is How To Find A Solution…

    In the vast space of the internet there are lot’s of ways to find a solution to your problems. However, usually you have to find many different sites and piece together what the solution is. Well now there’s an easier way…

  • After reviewing this site I think I would consider using this website if I was really struggling to find an answer. There is a lot of free junk out there (which I seem to be running into lately) but I think if someone is getting paid for their solution with their reputation on the line they will take the time to put it together right. This is an interesting concept.

    • I agree. Even the low pricing of the solutions is an incentive to purchase from there.


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