Celebrating Mothers Day

Happy almost Mothers Day. Tomorrow’s Mothers Day and it’s time to celebrate the person that gave birth to you as well as other mom’s in the world.

Mothers are great because they took care of us growing up. They sacrificed and gave us everything they could to make sure we grew up to be the best we could be. It’s time to celebrate what they did for us and what they had to sacrifice for us.

Online Trading Academy recently celebrated mom’s in business and finance by interviewing several moms about their work and how they balance being a mom with it. There’s a lot of good advice you should go look at to see what mom’s have to do to balance life.

One of my favorite ways one of the mom’s, Denise Winston, does to balance work life and family really made sense to me. She said:

As I got older, I realized I was doing my daughter a disservice by “doing” for her all the time. I was unintentionally robbing her of life skills that I hold near and dear (like budgeting, paying bills, etc). Understanding my role as a mother and what my true job was allowed me to provide my daughter with an education that has helped her survive in the real world.

This is great advice. Kids learn best by doing. Even when failing it’s a learning lesson. Too often parents do too much for their kids so when it’s time for the real world they fall hard on their face. You’re not doing your child a favor by doing everything for them. Like Denise said, it’s a diservice.

Go check out what all of the mom’s have to say and be sure to tell your mom you love her and spend some time with her.

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