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Travel In Style: Get Yourself Holiday Insurance

It’s one thing to go out and enjoy your holiday, and another thing altogether to really enjoy it knowing you are adequately covered by the appropriate travel insurance. Sure, we all have the tendency to set insurance concerns on the side because we think that incidents happen to other people but not to us. But then again, that’s why we call these accidents: it is because we can never adequately plan for them. 

The right travel insurance is the perfect way to ease all of these concerns because you know that whatever happens, you have signed up for the right coverage to address all your needs while you are out traveling. For example, the Debenhams holiday insurance actually foots unlimited medical expenses should you choose this for your next trip. When you are out there on an adventure, whether enjoying an African safari or taking in the water attractions in the Great Barrier Reef, whether you are lazily lounging in theBahamas or skiing in the Swiss Alps, whether you are conquering Mt. Fuji in Japan or enjoying water sports attractions and the cozy, crystal clear beaches in the Philippines, you can be confident that your holiday and travel insurance will have you covered for any eventuality. 

The same holiday insurance can also be broken down to include or exclude things that you feel may or may not apply to you. For as low as £5, it is actually possible to get a “single trip holiday insurance.” Likewise, one can also get an annual travel policy for £30. Ski adventures are readily affordable at only £13 per trip while backpacker adventures can be bought for £15. And as if you need any more reason to try it out, consider that the kids are covered for free during the travel period so much so that you are practically care-free and worry-free because you know your concerns are adequately addressed. In fact, some of the best holiday insurance policies even allow for holiday cancellation coverage, refunding your travel booking expenses up to £7500 just so you know you can always re-schedule without losing any money from all that hullabaloo.

If you are a frequent traveler, no doubt you have seen all the good and the bad that can happen in a trip. Likewise, it would not be a stretch to assume that you have suffered through all the mess that comes with trip-related emergencies. These emergencies are so disrupting that even when they happen once every 20 trips or so, they can still get us off-balanced and leave us frustrated. 

Trust the best holiday insurance providers to take care of you during this period so you can focus on enjoying the scene and the attractions. After all, isn’t that why you chose to go out on a trip in the first place? Leave it to your travel insurance to put you at ease. At very affordable rates, you won’t have to fret about trip-related problems ever again. 


Profit or loss: Why business insurance makes sense, whatever your outgoings

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business, a large corporate entity, or a simple sole trader, business insurance is a vital component to any successful venture and should not be overlooked, no matter the cost. Forking out for business insurance policies like public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance may seem like something you can do without, but the truth is that when something really does go wrong and the claims are made, you’re going to regret not purchasing business insurance. Here are just a few reasons why business insurance is vital to your success.

What is business and Key Person insurance?

Business Insurance is one of the most important assets that any business can have. Not only does it protect your workforce against any financial loss in the event of injury or negligence, but it also protects you against any third-party claims that are made against you in the event of an accident or damage. Although employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, public liability insurance remains an optional overhead. Despite the costs involved if something does go wrong, many people opt for a short-term cost-saving rather than looking at the bigger picture and the huge financial costs that could arise when forking out to pay for someone’s compensation package or medical fees.

Key Man Insurance (also know as Key Person Insurance) is also very important to have if you manage either a small or big business.

According to statistics, only 28% of UK business’s established in the last two years have any kind of business protection in place. Yet 46% would cease trading immediately if a key person died. Key Man Insurance is a policy taken out by a business to insure their most valuable employee’s (key people). The policy is designed to protect the company from the financial impacts of losing their key people through death or illness. The business owns the policy and is the beneficiary of any payout.

Policies can be taken out as a life only insurance or with critical illness included. The benefit is a tax-free lump sum which is paid to the company in the event of a claim. The cover is taken out over a term, normally a 5 year or 10 year guaranteed premium depending on how long you think it’s needed, but you should check more information about at

How can it improve your business?

Insurance can improve your business in more ways than one. The first is financially; business insurance provides that much-needed fall back just in case something does go wrong. Let’s say one of your employees is injured at work, or there’s an accident on a construction site – who’s going to pay for the damages and compensation? Paying out for these costs without valid business insurance could mean financial ruin for your business. Secondly, possessing valid business insurance is a great way of securing better contracts for your business, painting you as a responsible corporation and a professional workforce in the eyes of the hiring contractor.

Why does it make sense?

Although business insurance does come at a cost, we need to weigh these costs up with the amount of loss that could come your way if something does go wrong. You may be thinking that you’ve never experienced an accident in the 30 years you’ve been working in your trade. The thing is that nobody plans for an accident – and an accident can happen at any time. If you’re considering the profits and losses of purchasing business insurance, then it’s important to weigh up the long-term costs and repercussions of not making this short-term purchase. You’re looking at expensive court fees and medical bills, potentially the solvency of your business, and the risk of bankruptcy across your personal finances

Business insurance is vital for any business looking to operate safely and responsibly in their chosen trade. Although it comes at a small, short-term cost, this temporary negative can certainly outweigh the enormous long-term financial troubles that could arise without valid public liability insurance.

Money Management

The Best Cash Back Credit Cards for the Holiday Shopping Season

We’re nearing the end of 2012, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed. Millions of people still have more holiday shopping to do, however. Most people know that they will be spending a good amount of money on their holiday gifts for friends and family, but what these people don’t realize is that they could be getting a significant amount of cash back for every purchase they make just by using the right credit cards. This article will highlight the top three cash back credit cards for the 2012 holiday season.

  1. Discover® More®– The Discover More Card is one of the best credit cards you can apply for if you plan on doing a good deal of online shopping throughout the holidays. This is because the Discover More Card offers a whopping 5% cash back on the first $1,500 you spend at online retail outlets. If you do end up spending $1,500, then you stand to earn $75 cash back, and that’s just for using the Discover More Card on shopping you would already be doing. That’s just easy savings. An additional benefit is the 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first 14 months you have the card. This is another great way to consolidate your debt, and save money on interest if you plan on carrying a balance.
  2. Capital One® Cash Rewards– The Capital One Cash Rewards Card is another great cash back credit card option for the holidays, as well as year-round. The Capital One Cash Rewards Card offers 1% cash back on all purchases, as well as an additional half of a percent cash bonus at the end of the year on the cash you earned throughout the year. If you do the math, this factors out to a true cash back bonus of 1.5%. The Capital One Cash Rewards card also offers a $100 cash back bonus for spending $500 during the first 3 months, and a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers until November 2013.
  3. Chase Freedom® Visa – The Chase Freedom Visa Card is yet another excellent choice for a cash back credit card for the holidays and the rest of the year as well. The Chase Freedom Visa offers 1% cash back on all purchases, as well as 5% cash back on hotel and airline bookings and purchases at Best Buy and Kohl’s, which is a huge benefit for those doing a lot of holiday traveling and shopping. The Chase Freedom Visa also offers a $100 cash back bonus after spending $500 in the first three months of having the card.

Don’t squander the free cash savings that are available just by applying for a cash back credit card. You’re going to be spending money on holiday traveling and shopping anyway, so why not get paid for it? You should compare the cash back credit cards above as well as additional cards in order to find one that best complements your spending habits. If you put in a little time doing the research, it will end up earning you a good deal of cash.

Logan Abbott is the editor of, a leading resource for comparing credit cards on the web.

Money Management

How the Car Title Loans Work Actually?

The car title loans are similar as it sounds. In this loan, you allow your car’s title as collateral for the loan from a creditor. For example, a traditional lending company, such as bank or other financial institutions may acquire your title as their collateral security. Some specific loans like the car title loans San Jose California are also available for providing you fast cash. Now, let us discuss how it works actually.

Purpose of Using the Loan: There can be various purposes for which you may use this type of loan. There can be instances where you want to use your car titles for the specific purposes. For example, there may be various outstanding bills piled up. You may need some additional cash to pay off within the next payment date, or you may have some emergencies to meet. In all the cases, you can use your assets for obtaining cash when you require.

Procedure of Obtaining the Loan: When you need money immediately, the car title loans can provide you with some fast cash with the minimum income verification with no check of the credit background. When you take jewelry or some other valuables in the pawn shop, the employee present in the counter will evaluate your items and will provide you loan accordingly. In this particular case, the pawn shop will lend you money and will also charge interest. If you cannot pay back the money within the specific time frame, they will definitely acquire your items.

In the car title loans, the lending company will evaluate the price of the car depending on the wholesale values and then will lend money according to the car’s worth. The company will hold the title of the car until you can pay back the amount. It is a short term loan with huge interest rates.  If you cannot pay back the money within the time frame, it means you have actually sold out the car to the lending company automatically.

Qualifiers: As this type of loan depends on the equity, first of all you are required to own a car. If your car loan is ongoing and not fully paid, you are not the actual owner of the car. Therefore in this case, you cannot use your car for the collateral purpose. You will require an age proof, your income proof and your residential address proof for obtaining this particular loan.

Fine Prints and Instructions: The procedure may seem very simple while obtaining the loan. But you should carefully read all the fine prints and instructions before legally committing into a loan. You should fully go through the contract and look out for the following points:

  • What are the penalties for the late payments? Are they going to take away your car if a single late payment occurs? If you are paying late, will the interest remain same or additional fees will be there?
  • How the interest rates are calculated and for which time period?
  • Are there any mitigation rules?  Do you require a third party or you can directly file lawsuit against the lending company if it is required in the future?

When you need fast money, then the car title loans can be very useful. If you possess a bad credit score, but have a clear car title in your possession, you can definitely go for this particular car title loan. As this is a short term loan of small amount, it is also easier to pay back.

Author Bio:  George Russels is a well known debt analyst working in a lending company. In this article he describes the procedure of the car title loans San Jose California and explains how you can qualify for this loan.


Outsourcing Just Got A Lot Better



A safe really doesn’t have anything to do with this post but it was either this or a picture of a condom…I probably should have picked the condom.

This is a little long, so if you only want the point, scroll down to where it says “The Point”

Sometimes there are things in life that we have to do but don’t want to do them. But since you didn’t come her to have me tell you to do stuff you don’t like, outsource those tasks. It’s easy and very cost efficient.

I’ll go into the intricacies of outsourcing another day.

Let me start off with an experience I had with outsourcing with 2 different companies.

The first company I started with was Elance.

I decided to hire someone to write content for one of my niche sites. Side note, in my experience, don’t outsource content to a country where English isn’t the first language unless you want to edit a lot. It is cheaper but it’s for a reason.

Anyways, so I had them write the articles and I had to have them rewrite several of them because they sounded horrible.

Long story short, I just accepted the rewrites even though they weren’t great because I knew it wasn’t going to get better, I gave them a low review, and then they gave me a low review. Awesome!

With that, for my next project I decided to switch to another company that I love and use now, oDesk.

Even though I use them I now, I still had a bad experience (which is what this article is about).

I wanted to get some SEO work done for this site (This experience is what made me decide to learn as much as I could about SEO).

One of the applicants didn’t have much experience on oDesk, but he was from Orlando, where I live, and he had a website for his SEO firm. So I decided to hire him and when he started working on it, I noticed on my site statistics that someone from Cape Town, South Africa visited several of my old posts.

A little bit later the guy contacted me saying he was done and sent a file over but it wasn’t the SEO, he accidentally sent me HMA which is an IP changer so it looks like you’re in a different country. He then proceeded to say he sent the wrong file and then he sent my the actual file and asked if I could pay him through PayPal instead of through oDesk.

Needless to say I put all the pieces together and I had an OMG moment when I realized I was lied to. Even at that point I knew a little SEO and knew that this was awful work. I did pay partially upfront, but because it was awful work and he asked for outside payment (which is against their terms), I reported him and ended up not paying the rest of the money.

Lesson learned, don’t hire people that don’t have any oDesk experience, interview them, and/or don’t pay upfront.

Fast forward to today and I’ve had several great experiences with them and love their customer service. Plus they have a program that takes pictures randomly of the screen of people working for you hourly, pretty cool.

The Point

Anyways the point I’m getting to is that recently they rolled out a new program called oDesk ID Verified.

It is currently only optional but contractors can submit a photo, photo ID, and utility/bank statement to become verified. That increases the amount of applications they can have active. It’s a great safety feature that would have helped out my situation with the guy from Africa.

I think this is a great program and will really help get better quality workers and less scammy folks.

So once again, oDesk pulls through. This is just another reason for me to use them, and I highly recommend them to you.

Who do you use when you outsource? Do you have a horror story? What are your tips for getting quality contractors?

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