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The Profit Potential of Quality Binary Trading

Those who are looking for a fast-changing volatile market with a healthy potential for earnings, will find a comfortable niche in quality Binary Options trading.  However, this is not a market for the blind draw.  As quickly and easily as money can be made, is as quickly and easily as money can be lost.  Studying recent currency trends, taking the time to choose effective and knowledgeable online binary brokers and gaining an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying national economies are all essential factors in successful online options trading. 

The Online Binary Trading Broker 

As in every field under the sun, there are outstanding brokers just as there are substandard brokers.  It is the job of every trader to do a thorough search in the quest for a top-level binary options brokerage. 

The internet contains many option brokers headquartered in every corner of the world.  Six key elements are the cornerstones of a successful investor-broker relationship. 

1)      Quality of trading completions – The binary options market is extraordinarily fast-paced.  Changes in exchange rate occur minute by minute. Blink an eye and there’s a rise, blink again and there’s a switch.  It is essential that the investor choose a broker who is more than capable of keeping up with the frenetic speed of currency transactions.  From the moment that a buy bid is placed, timing will determine whether the bid price will hold.  Viewing a possible downtrend and attempting to sell at the threshold, requires a quick-execution broker who can instantaneously get the job completed.  Slow action in front of data that is about to be revealed will cost the trader real cash. 

2)      Website transparency – Check out the website of various brokers.  The focus is on whether or not execution stats are exhibited.  The more transparent the forex brokerage is, the greater the development of trust between the investor and broker.  Statistics that should be posted include the percentage of trades that are completed successfully, the occasions when prices improved and the speed of trade completions.   

3)      Stability of dealing spreads – Spreads widen with increasingly volatile markets, especially when central banks create news events and major economic data comes to the fore.  By comparison, a highly liquid market establishes a diminished spread.  While spreads must vary to some degree, the amount of variance differs from one brokerage to another.  Reputable brokers have a stable spread range. 

4)      The process of filling orders – Determine the details of a broker’s procedures as to stop-loss, take-profit and limit orders.  Successful traders make sure that the broker of choice is the one with the most efficient orders process.  Many highly respected brokers guarantee stops.  Some of those that warranty stops, place conditions on their guarantee.  Definite order policies clearly exhibited are the hallmarks of a respected Binary Options broker. 

5)      Commissions – Spread-based commissions are determined by the spread between the offer and the bid.  Most brokerages offer the spread-based commission rather than a commission per trade.  Some brokers provide the per-trade fee along with smaller trade spreads.  It is up to the investor to calculate the commission that is actually being charged, and to find the broker with the most reasonable rate. 

6)      Trading resources – A whole host of useful trading tools can be found at most online brokerages.  One of the prime benefits of online options trading is the availability of resources such as real time news and market analysis, charting and research tools and availability of rate alerts and mobile transactions.  Providing investor information containing reports of profit-and-loss, monthly accounts and trading detail are standard procedure at all reputable forex brokerages.        

Successful traders make the effort to choose their broker carefully, learn the basics of exchange rates and establish opportunities and trading programs.  A potential for substantial profit is clearly available through quality trading!


How To Get Excited

How to get Excited

In the world these days it’s hard to find something to get excited about.

The economy sucks

You’re broke

You’re probably going to lose your job

There’s just not much to look forward to. But don’t fret, all is not lost. You’re still alive, right?

So what can you look forward to? What can you get excited about?

No, not life. That sucks, remember?

No, not remembering how fortunate you are. You’re not, remember?

So if not those, then what?

The future!

Not the future you’re going to have, that’s bleak, remember?

I’m talking about the future you want, your dreams!

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!”
~Peter Pan

Right now you don’t believe in those dreams, and that’s what’s causing this lack of excitement.

I’m not saying be crazy and start drawing smiley faces everywhere.

Just imagine where you want to be in your future. What is going to make you happy in life? Write that down, and look at it every day.

But just having dreams is going to make your current life even more miserable. What you need to do is write down how you’re going to make your dreams come true.

Step by step

Take a piece of paper and at the top of it write your dream (Just one of them) in big letters. Below that, write down the five steps it’s going to take you to reach that dream. Only five.
Once you get those five, get out another sheet of paper and write out the next five months or weeks, depending on the size of the dream, and separate them by several spaces. So it will look like this:






Adjust the dates accordingly.

You only need five, any more than that and you won’t get excited.

Now plan out those months or weeks and how you’re going to accomplish each of your five steps. Try and get each step done in one month. If you can’t then measure it out to make them all add up to 5 months

Now you have purpose, now you have hope, now you have excitement.

Your dreams can come true and you’re going to be excited.

So now you can leave Never Never Land and return to your own exciting life.

I can hear you saying “but my dream can’t come true in 5 months.” How do you know? Have you ever tried?

If after planning it out you still feel like you can’t achieve it, scrap it and move on to the next dream.

This is about getting excited, so if you’re worried that dream won’t come true then you don’t need that dream yet.

But I want you to at least try it before you scrap it. You never know the impossible until you attempt it.

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What excites you? Are you reaching for your dreams?

Debt Management

3 Reasons Bad Credit Can Cost You A Job

One of the most discussed developments of recent years is allowing employers to essentially snoop on what once was considered sacred privacy.  Now in order to get hired, your personal credit score can be added in the vetting process, to judge applicants along with other standards.


Credit Widens Its Grasp On Consumers 

If it were not for bad credit, many people would just sail along in life oblivious to how important it is to get your financial life in order.  Many people are aware that their credit score, also known as FICO score, is important, when obtaining a loan.  Whether financing a car, furniture, or a mortgage to buy a house, your credit score is vitally important.  However, tying credit scores to employment can be devastating.

Imagine having just graduated from a top-notch college with a high GPA, ready for the world.  When you send your resume out showing you interned at a Wall Street firm, you expect job offers to come in by the boatloads.  Instead you get two stacks of rejection letters.  The explanation is your low credit score.  No doubt about it, you must contact a credit repair business immediately.  Your main question is why employers have the right to reject your application due to your low credit score. 


Credit Scores Are Linked To Trustworthiness

Like it or not, many companies equate whether you can be a trusted employee by your credit score.  In their estimation, if you do not have the discipline to pay your bills on time, you most likely will not work well on the job.  Unfortunately mitigating factors are not considered, nor are you given a chance to explain. 


Your Judgment With Use Of Credit Clouds It In Other Areas

Let’s say you apply for a bank teller position.  Based on your credit report they see you have problems managing your personal funds.  In turn, they will assume you will use poor judgment in handling hundreds of thousands of dollars if hired.  While this may represent an oversimplification of the facts, this is the logic you are dealing with.  Unless you find someone making hiring decisions and explain the special circumstances causing your low credit score, your job prospect is over. 


Financial Institutions Weigh Credit Heavily

When it comes to big banks, accounting companies, law firms and the like, they do not want to invest in someone with bad credit.  No matter the reason for your delinquencies, they do not want to chance it.  There are too many applicants with acceptable credit scores.  The HR departments of financial institutions tend to be very rigid about the characteristics they look for in filling positions.  If a person does not fit these cookie cutter characteristics, they will be shown the door.  They will not even offer you a chance to explain reasons your score took such a dip.  Bankruptcies and foreclosures, though very common in the recent recession, are also job killers. 


There has been a backlash in many states and several other states have pending legislation to block this practice.  At least eight states restrict the power of employers to check your credit report.  They are only allowed to perform a background check on applicants.    Many protest this is fundamentally unfair.  If applicants were unemployed and unable to pay credit obligations, they need a good job to begin paying again, which will boost their scores.  It is a Catch 22 for them.  Another problem is people neglect to check their credit reports periodically.  Some people denied employment found they were judged on errors, from the credit bureaus.  It is essential these problems be disputed to get them erased.  The last thing you need is incorrect information on your credit report stifling your chances at that great job.  

Money Management

Smart Ways to Save Money and Time on Your Personal Loan

Necessity may arise at any point of time for anyone. The point of consideration is not why necessities arise but you must focus on how will you handle them? Almost every decision you make will need a financial assistance to support it. Several times you will have to apply for a loan to manage your finances. Smart ways to save your valuable money and precious time on your personal loans are:

1)      Apply for a payday loan: Payday loans are short-term unsecured loans with easy approval and no documentation. You can apply for this loan from anywhere, at any point of time. Payday loans save money as their repayment time period is less and do not require security. They save your time as they are approved instantly and cash will be deposited within 24hours of approval. The minimum time for money transfer is 1 hour. You can repay the amount later according to convenience on or before your next payday. The flexibility of payment options depends on the lender.

2)      Internet and Mobile Banking: Use internet or your phone for queries. You can monitor your accounts with the help of internet or your mobile phone applications. This is very helpful as these banks are easily accessible to their customers at any point of time and from anywhere.

3)      Avoid late payments: Do not delay your premium payments. This will add penalty to your payments which can easily be avoided by making your payments on time. Penalty is the extra amount that you pay due to mismanagement.

4)      Pay more than minimum: Always pay extra amount that is more than the minimum specified amount. By doing so you can save your money on interests by shortening the span of your loan.

5)      Repayment holiday: If you are unable to make your payments towards your premiums, it is better to take a repayment holiday rather than making late payments or minimum payments. Repayment holiday gives you an opportunity to take a break from the monthly payments for a short period of time.

6)      Reduce Interests: Talk to your loan lender and search for options to reduce interests. This will save a lot of money. Flexibility of reducing interests varies from one policy to the other. Yet, do not ignore this point and give it a try.

7)      Consolidate debts: If you are handling multiple debts and you are stuck among them, search a plan by where you can consolidate your debts. This will help you make more payments with reduced interest rates and you can complete your loan as soon as possible.

These are tips which are very simple to implement for saving your time as well as money.


Quick Tip Thursday: Buy Books Cheap

In todays quick tip I’m going to tell you how I buy books cheap. I love to buy books so it can get pretty expensive. I’ve come to learn a way to get them pretty cheap with the only sacrifice being new. That’s right I buy used books. But in this video I’ll show you a trick I use to buy used books really cheap.

I just wanted to give you a quick tip today about buying books online on the cheap.  First, go to  Don’t buy from them, they tend to have very high shipping rates, around $3.  So you will find the books that you want from  After you have found the book you want, go to the other sellers and under the different sellers you will see other big companies.  Choose one of the big companies, like Better World Books.  Go to their actual site, find the book and buy from them.  The main reason for doing this is that these companies often have better shipping rates.  For example at Better World Books the shipping is free.  It takes about 11 days but is still free.  Expedited shipping is affordable as well, like 99 cents.  You can’t beat that.  Today’s quick tip: go to, find the companies that are selling the books and order directly from them.  This will help you save some money while buying books online.