Month : February 2015

Money Management

Do You Need To Adjust Your W-4?

Now that we are in a new year, you are probably starting to think about taxes. Now is a great time to look at your financial situation and determine if you need to fill out a new W-4. Basically your W-4 helps your employer figure out how much to withhold from each paycheck. While it is a good idea to evaluate your withholding allowance on a regular basis, make sure you think about changing your W-4 if you fall into any of the following categories.

Married/Divorced/Had a Child

Generally the amount withheld depends on the number of dependents that you will claim. If you have had changes in your situation since you filled out your form, it might be a good idea to take a second look. Marriages, divorces and children are all great reasons to fill out a new form. Remember that when your children move out and will not be claimed on your taxes any more, you will also have to fill out a new form.

Huge Refund or Money Owed

When you do your taxes you can see if you have enough or too much money being taken out of each check. If you have a huge refund you could get more money each month that you could use to pay off debts or invest and earn interest on. If you owe too much money you can end up paying a tax penalty, so make sure that you are getting enough withheld from every check.

Self Employed

If you have recently become self employed you may also want to redo your W-4. If you are earning money other than your paycheck you will owe taxes on it. If you owe too much you will get that nasty penalty. Make sure that you either pay quarterly taxes on this income or that you have extra money taken out of each check.

If you haven’t thought about your W-4 in the last couple years, it is probably time to fill out a new one. Talk with your employer and get one of these simple forms. It will come with a worksheet that you can fill out that will give you a better idea of your tax situation.

Money Management

My Recent Journey To Getting A Credit Card

Credit Cards, not always the best choice of tools for everyone. But I was in the hunt for one so that I can help raise my credit score and get on on track for a good credit history.

My past isn’t filled with the best credit, but those were my mistakes of the past and I was looking to start anew. I had recently looked over my credit report and noticed a couple of things that I decided to dispute and they were taken off. Because of that, I was able to raise my credit score 50 points. That got me excited about what I could do to get my credit score up.

My plan was to get the credit card and use it for wedding things because money is tight right now and this would help alleviate those issues. Yea, I know credit cards aren’t for your wants but I gave in this time. It’s not something that I’m planning to do indefinitely and I will be paying it off after the wedding. I could have received a payday loan but I didn’t want to go down that path yet.

So yea the credit cards aren’t helping my credit right now because I will be filling them up….but I only got a $300 limit, So it’s not really breaking the bank. But like I said, I’ll be paying it off once the wedding is over. After that time, I’ll be using it for groceries and gas, and then paying it off every month. That will both keep it active and we’ll earn a percentage back, so it’s win-win.

So what did we go for? We went with the Capital One Cash Rewards card. Why? Because they accepted my credit…and it has rewards. This is my first rewards card so I’m pretty happy about that and the fact that it’s cash and not points. I’m more of a cash man myself.

I looked all around to find where I could get it and there’s so many different places to go to. I decided to choose a credit card at to get different cards compared for me. It was pretty simple having it all in front of me and seeing which ones would work for my level of credit (which is pretty low…but rising).

Anyway, I’m happy with my choice and I can wait to get that money. I’m already at $3. Go Me!!


Advantages Associated With Business Administration Courses

The job market is definitely tough at the moment and there are various things that the average person needs to do in order to climb the career ladder. It is now tougher than it ever was. One way to gain an advantage may be to attend business administration courses. This brings in some advantages that you may not know much about.

Everyone is focused on business administration average salary but you do not necessarily need to follow a career in business administration in order to reap in the benefits associated with the classes. What you may not know is that these courses will bring in direct applications when referring to working in successful enterprises.

The students will end up developing strong critical thinking and analytical skills, together with how to communicate better in speaking or writing. Wise business finances management is studied, together with tapping into human resource programs. Graduates are basically better prepared to properly operate in the tough business market.

During your time in business administration tools you will learn about accounting, marketing, human resources, ethics, business leadership, finance and risk management. Every single one of this topic is important for a small and large business owner. We are faced with a highly versatile degree that gets you ready for working in a setting that is filled with competition, which is exactly what you want.

While there are so many sources that are available for information, going to an actual class is definitely different and has to be considered. Use this as a foundation so that you can actually understand the advanced techniques and strategies you find somewhere else.