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Business Electricity Costs Worrying SME Owners

No matter how big or small they are, all businesses should make an effort to see how much they spend on every single item they purchase, especially given how poorly the wider economy has been performing of late. For smaller companies in particular, many of whom having small profit margins to deal with, every penny saved is important, so when the price of something like electricity goes up, they start to panic about how they will cope with having to spend more than they’ve become accustomed to.

A recent survey carried out by OnePoll revealed that there’s a lot of anxiety among businesses about the rising cost of electricity, with 51% of respondents stating that they were worried about paying more than usual for energy. However, what was more surprising is that many of the businesses quizzed as part of the poll said that they didn’t keep a firm enough eye on how much of their income was being spent on electricity, with 19% saying they didn’t give responsibility for energy bills to their finance departments, while 14% had no-one within their company tasked with handling energy costs.

Those stats sound alarming, especially when electricity costs are rising at their current rate, and the need for many SMEs to reduce costs whenever and wherever they can is growing. Although it might not seem possible for SMEs to cut their electricity costs, there are ways in which savings can be made on monthly energy bills, according to a spokesperson from energy saving experts Make It Cheaper:

“The two issues concerning electricity bills for businesses are how much they use and the cost per unit. Failure to pay attention to either could be costly, especially for smaller businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. Part of the problem of expensive electricity is that businesses are inclined to stay with their existing energy supplier, as there’s no reward for loyalty. Regularly checking to see if there’s a better deal with a different supplier could be the answer for many companies in that situation.”

Spending too much on anything is something that most SMEs will strive to avoid if they can help it. However, as the survey proves, ignorance of any overheads and their cost could hit businesses in the pocket, which could serve to act as a wake-up call for companies desperate to drive down their energy costs by any means necessary. 

Mind Over Money

Grow Up And Stop Acting Like A Child

Lost Tree

It’s fun being a child. Nothing in the world can bring you down…except a scraped knee. Why is life so grand? Who cares. You’re a child and you need to act that way.

It’s easy to be oblivious in life and no one does it better than children. You can call it innocence. But that innocence can hurt you in the long run if you keep that mindset into adulthood. You need to stop acting like a child and grow up into an adult and become aware.

There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.

There are two types of children (yes I know I’m generalizing). Stop being one of these types:

The child that asks

There’s the child that takes initiative in asking why. The only thing is, when kids ask why most people say “because I said so”. That doesn’t really allow you to grow and it can get you into a bad habit of not asking any more because they said so.

Well now you’re an adult and don’t have to worry about that. Ask questions and find out why. Let me ask you a question..Why is a tomato a fruit? Anyone…anyone. Well maybe I’m just not of the loop but I had no idea why, other than just because, until a week ago. Here’s why by the way. How many things do you not know about because you have been taking for granted that it’s “just because”?

The child that doesn’t ask

This is the child that just goes through life not worrying why something “is” but just keeps using/doing it. This is the child I was when it came to finances. I would just spend my parents money not worrying about where it was coming from. I never ever considered that I could be hurting them financially (Yea you could chalk this up to a lot of things, why I was like that, but just for argument’s sake I’m going to say all parents are perfect).

The point is I didn’t show initiative to find out where the money came from and chose to ignore the signs that were telling me to stop my actions.

Don’t be a child. Grow up and expand your mind. If there’s something you don’t know about, find out about it. The internet is filled with answers, all you have to do is ask the questions.

What have you found out recently that you never thought about before?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney