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Selecting the Best Forex Brokers

The search for the best forex brokers to help you grow your portfolio is one of the most important tasks you can consider as an investor. With the economy still languishing in the doldrums, it pays to have the right forex broker who can find you the right opportunities to put your money into so you can continue to grow your assets despite the tough economy. 

For this, there are a few things that you will need to remember in order to make sure that you are only choosing the best forex brokers from the many that are out in the market. Consider the following criteria to help you decide which forex brokers you should be working with. 

  1. Read on reviews about the forex brokers that are on your shortlist. You want to able to read the reviews coming from actual clients and not just from writers paid to write glowing accolades about a specific company. For this, you might have to dig through blogs, forums, and websites that show multiple reviews of forex brokerages in one site. This is often a good indication that a site is providing help to ease your worries about choosing a broker rather than being commissioned to drum the hype over one specific company.
  2. If you have substantial experience with forex brokers before, then you might want to rely on your own sleuthing skills to do your own reviews on forex brokers. This is not an easy job, mind you, and one that is certainly not for those who are new to the industry. However, if you trust your own skills, it would certainly help you come to a more practical decision rather than relying on the work of others who may or may not have actually experienced what they are writing on their reviews.
  3. We’ve mentioned this already but it bears repeating just because it is very important; always check with forums to see if the forex brokers on your list have pending complaints from other clients. Stay away from those that are have negative public image if you do not want to be caught in a firestorm of financial controversy. 

Do not underestimate the power of forex brokers to bring you the portfolio growth that you need. Invest time and money in finding out which ones are best for your needs so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in capable hands. 

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Where to Open Spread Betting Accounts

Spread betting accounts present another clever and innovative way to grow your investment from the ground up but selecting one that is well capable of helping you realize decent gains is not a fairly straightforward proposition. For starters, there are a lot of scammers on the market who are looking to take advantage of inexperienced investors in order to cheat them out of their hard-earned money. 

The true secret to being successful with spread betting accounts is to go with the established names in order to be sure of where you are putting your money. Trust the collective group of worldwide investors when they say there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to spread betting. In fact, you would be more prudent to go with the wisdom of the many who are more likely to have come through the same conclusions as to which ones are the best spread betting companies via various means, avenues, and references. 

If you are inBritainand looking to open spread betting accounts to take advantage of the favorable spread betting environment, then you might want to check out brokerages like City Index and IG Index. These two companies are widely considered to be institutions in the field of spread betting haven’t spent a good number of years playing the odds in the market and developing strategies to help their clients come up with the best bets for success. City Index has been in business since 1983 while IG Index dates back to 1974 and both of these companies also have substantial clientele in other countries other than Britain. 

Other notable options for opening spread betting accounts lie with ProSpreads and Capital Spreads which are fairly recent when compared to City Index and IG Index but have shown a remarkable knack for delivering profits to their clients. These companies have also answered the need to be more accessible through various mobile outlets that help clients monitor transactions down to the minute so they also feel that they are engaged very step of the way. 

Again, remember that you can never go wrong with opening spread betting accounts with established names in the business. With their wealth of experience combined with their strong reputation as evidenced by the many investors who put their trust in them, you can be certain that you are playing the winning hand when it comes to spread betting as an investment. 

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History of Personal Checks and Their Increasing Decline

Personal checks have been around for centuries, but writing checks seems to be going obsolete with all the digital banking technology available today.  Personal checks originated as early as 300 BC in Indiawhere there were banking orders known as adesha.  Since then many civilizations have used the check, ancient Romans, Muslim traders, 12th to 15th century European civilizations and modern era.  Today millions of checks are written every day.   However, with instant payments via debit and credit cards, personal checks written at a store is a rare sight to see.  Checks and money orders are still very common with slower pace transactions today, such as to pay bills, rent payments and wages. 

Just in the last decade or two, there have been huge changes to how we exchange money.  Electronic checks are growing more and more popular every year.  Around the 1990s a law was put in place which allows for cheque truncation.  Cheque truncation is where personal checks can be exchanged into an electronic form to transfer through a bank’s clearing house.  This reduces processing costs and also saves time from organizing all the physical checks themselves.

It wasn’t until 2002 that European countries adopted the idea to phase out ‘cheques’ completely with their Eurocheque system.  As of 2012, there are many countries that have removed the concept of cheques altogether.  Debit and credit cards are becoming increasingly preferred.  ATMs are growing in amounts around the world, allowing for easy access to cash for your accounts.  So yes, personal checks are still out there live and well, especially in America, but throughout the world they are slowly declining in use with the new digital age.

About the author: Louis Patrick has been working in banking for several years and has been studying the ins and outs of changes to banking and finance industry.

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Why Invest with Binary Options Brokers

When it comes to investing in binary options, you can never go wrong with looking for binary options brokers. Given the nature and complexity of binary options as an investment instrument, it should not be argued that the expertise and know-how of the best binary options brokers in the country would do your portfolio very well. 

But first, let us ask the question: what are binary options really and what can you do in order to enter the market? More to the point, what is it that makes binary options and attractive opportunity for many investors? 

At its core, binary options are investments that can only go two ways – a pre-determined profit or a loss, hence the term binary. In conventional investments, the degree of loss or gain is variable depending on “when” you terminate the investment and what is the position of the asset relative to the initial buy-in price. In binary options, the investor pre-determines the target amount of the asset relative to a pre-determined tenure. If this is met when the asset expires, you get paid for the investment; if the condition is not met, you essentially lose all of the investment and go home empty-handed. 

This high-risk, high-reward nature of binary options means that this is not an investment option for those who are only second-guessing the market. In fact, thorough analysis is necessary in order to make an informed option selection in order to strike a profit. This is where the expertise of binary options brokers come in; their savvy and knowledge of the market makes them suitable to make informed decisions about the investment that you are going to make. 

In a nutshell, binary options brokers act as your investment manager. They crunch the data for you and give you recommendations as to what option to select in order to profit. This makes ultra-valuable resources in order to get to the profit that you want. Without them, any investor would be left in the dark as to what types of investment are good and which ones should be avoided. 

It goes without saying that at the crux of the matter, it all boils down to choosing the best, most experienced, and most reputable binary options brokers available. See to it that you properly assess and evaluate your “options” before identifying the brokers to whom you will trust your next investment. 

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“Save Up” Tips for International Phone Cards

If you have relatives living abroad, then you most certainly know how important international phone cards are towards keeping your phone bills low without limiting or sacrificing your ability to stay in-touch with the people you love. Of course, every now and then, Facebook can help you tide over the loneliness and give you a sense of connection to loved ones but in the end, there is no replacing the value of a good phone call.

Still, even with international phone cards, there is no denying that your phone bill costs are still relatively higher than you would like. Even with a Nexgen phone system for small businesses and included long distance calls to write off, the delicate balance of homeyness and economy is difficult at best. Given the tough economy now, you would certainly want to continue trimming your expenses down while still keeping the perks that you hold dear.

For this, here are a few tips to help you save even as you use international phone cards to keep in touch with your loved ones wherever they may be in the world.

  1. Start by comparing the rates of the international phone cards available in your area. The best, and easiest, way to do this is to divide the total purchase price for the cards with the total minutes on offer. Suppose you have two cards, one that sells for $12 with 100 minutes and another that sells for $7 at 60 minutes; a quick and simple comparison gives you two cards that offer 12 cents/minute and 11.5 cents/minute. All things being equal, you should go with the card that offers more minutes per dollar.
  1. Try the PC-2-Phone app, which will allow you to make calls all over the world at low rates from your PC.
  1. Some cards require a connection fee while others bake it into the “per minute” rate. Check your international phone cards to see which one is it. If you frequently call loved ones, this is the perfect setup for you as the connection fee is fixed and the “per minute” rate is significantly lower than other cards.
  1. Another consideration that is oftentimes forgotten is the rounding system for the calls. Some international phone cards round your calls up to the nearest minute while others do it to the nearest 3 minutes. The smaller the round up increment is, the better it is for your purpose.
  1. There are also international phone cards with a maintenance fee requirement. This typically applies to cards that get automatic deductions just because you are in possess of the card. It works much like a “membership fee” in that a charge is automatically deducted from the card after a “billing cycle”. If you use up your cards quickly, maintenance fees are okay as it is very likely that you have zeroed your card before the fee kicks in. For longer-term use, make sure to select cards that do not have a maintenance charge.

There are so many things you can do to make sure that your international phone cards are keeping you connected to your loved ones without costing you a lot of money. By paying attention to these tips, you can be assured of saving more from your phone bills even as you continue to keep that precious and valuable time you spend with loved ones over the phone.

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