Month : February 2012

Guest Post

7 ways to use the internet to save money

1. Using the Internet to save money is easier. 

Imagine not having to keep up with the subscription to a newspaper that you never read anyway. Imagine not having your mailbox cluttered with trashy Pennysaver spam. The age of the coupon in the written periodical is over. You want to use the Internet for price comparison options such as property insurance because it is simply more convenient to do. 

2. There are simply better deals online. 

Smart money in commerce is moving online, no matter what the industry. Businesses know that it is much easier and cheaper to sell something online than it is to have to maintain a storefront to sell the same item. Because of this, every business from the top Fortune 100 companies all the way down to your local grocer is putting their best deals online, not in the local Pennysaver. 

3. You save paper. 

Unsubscribing to all of the newspapers and the Penny savers will save paper as well. Did you ever think that using an online site for house insurance would actually be environmentally sound as well? Well, it is, and you should be darn proud of yourself. 

4. There are more options of things to save online. 

You might be able to save a couple of bucks on groceries or on certain types of clothing items online, but you definitely will not be able to save money on life insurance, house insurance, disability insurance or unemployment insurance, liability insurance, your gas bill and water bill, tax services, and any host of other things. Because the Internet has price comparison sites for virtually everything under the sun, there is virtually no line item in your monthly budget that you will not be able to find a way to save money on, including the things that you thought were completely not negotiable. 

5. You can save instantly. 

Because the coupon business is moving into an electronic medium, you can carry it literally wherever you go. For instance, many businesses have location-based services in which they will alert you of deals when you are in the physical proximity of the store. Before, if you forgot your Pennysaver or your newspaper at home, you were just out of luck for that day. However, in the savings world today, you can actually be put on alert to the best deals and not even have to remember them yourself. This means that you can save instantly on deals that you did not even know existed by just signing up for the right lists and making sure that you have your cell phone with you at all times. 

6. You can save more. 

The coupons on the Internet are usually able to help you save more than any coupons that are not on the Internet. This is because selling a product on the Internet, as mentioned before, is much less expensive for companies to do. They will therefore pass those savings along to you in the form of the online coupon. Do not let this opportunity pass you by – take the biggest amount of savings they possibly can at any point in time. 

7. You have better selection. 

Every business that is worth its salt is trying to get online. As a matter of fact, the new businesses with the most cutting-edge technologies to not even bother with a storefront or an off-line way of commerce. So to get the best deals from the hottest businesses with the latest technologies, you want to use the Internet.

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