Month : September 2011

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Insurance Discounts for Senior Drivers

It’s no secret that being a senior citizen comes with some great discounts – everything from airfare to movie tickets to dinner is a little bit less expensive – but did you know that your maturity and experience behind the wheel of a car or truck can also net you savings on your auto insurance?

Here are some tips on saving money on auto insurance while maximizing your senior citizen benefits:

Research before you renew: Even if you end up staying with your current insurance company, it pays to shop around. Spend some time on an website like, where you can request free quotes from several different companies. You may find that a competitor is offering better pricing, especially if you have a clean driving record. You’ll save even more if you embrace technology and actually buy your policy online, as well.

Bring your family with you: Did you know that many auto insurers offer discounts to people who bring in new customers? If you are happy with your insurance company, suggest that your children – or even your grandchildren, if they’re old enough to drive – switch their coverage to your company. You’ll get a discount, and they may too, because you’ll all be preferred customers.

Ask about discounts: Even if you stay with your current insurer, ask if they offer a mature driver discount – many companies do this for their clients who are aged 65 or older, and it can save you up to 10% on your premium. Other discounts that may apply, especially if you’re not commuting to and from a job every day, are low mileage discounts and loyalty discounts. There may be others, as well.

Take a class: Did you know that many chapters of AARP offer defensive driving classes for senior citizens. Did you also know that taking such a class can save you up to 5% on your auto insurance for up to three years? Even if you don’t take AARP’s course, there are probably others in your area. It’s worth brushing up your skills in order to save money.

Auto insurance discounts don’t automatically appear just because you’ve turned sixty-five. Take a moment and review your policy, then go online and shop or contact your existing agent. Let your life experience save you some cash.

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How to conduct a sales conference call

Sales representatives are an integral part of any company as they are the ones that interact with the customers on a daily basis which result in closing deals that will provide revenue for the company. Most of the employees in the sales department of any company are usually out in the field and report back to the office only when necessary or if there is a meeting that they have to attend. However, this is changing with some employers turning to conference calling as a way of conducting meetings with their sales representatives in whichever part of the country that they may be located. These conference calls ensure that the employees do not have to leave their work stations for the meeting, but just schedule to be available at an agreed time and date.

A conference call for sales representatives needs to have an agenda and it should be adhered to because most of them are usually time constrained and want to get the information from the meeting an act on it before their competitors. The conference calls can be used to achieve a variety of objectives such as trainings, market research, operational meetings, and sales presentations among others.

The sales representatives need to identify themselves at the beginning of the conference call so that every participant is aware of who is part of the meeting and can address them by name. Furthermore, the designation of the participants is vital when there are questions or inquiries that are directed to them.

In case the free conference call involves the use of presentations then the moderator is supposed to inform the participants of any attachments that might have been sent to their e-mail addresses in advance so that they can all be looking at the same presentations while discussing issues during the meeting. In addition, the moderator should be able to balance the flow of information between the participants so that everyone is allowed to speak and put their point across.

Teleconferencing has its benefits that include the elimination of travel expenses as well as the time that will be taken to have all the sales representatives at one place. Furthermore, more savings can be reaped form the fact that documents and presentations are sent electronically thus eliminating the need for printing. Overall, when summarizing sales conference calls it is important to talk about the way forward in the sales process.

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5 Ways to Reduce your Car Insurance

Owning a car can be expensive. There’s no point denying that there are always going to be costs associated with your car that you can’t avoid, such as repairs and gas bills. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the costs of some aspects of paying for your car. An example here is car insurance: getting good value on your car insurance depends on a number of factors and you can’t control them all, but there are quite a few things you can do to either minimize or reduce your motor insurance costs. There are other options of getting cash for cars. Read on to find out about five of them.

Consider car security

One of the big factors that have an impact on whether you’re able to get cheap car insurance is the security of your car. Generally speaking, the more secure your car is, the less you’ll have to pay for your insurance because it won’t seem like such a risk to your insurer. This means that any security additions to you can make to your car will definitely be worth your while and the investment you make in your car’s security should pay for itself over time through what you save on insurance. A quick look to compare teens car insurance will show you that teens pay way more than adults and those who have a clean record get to save a little.

Things such as good wheel locks, steering locks, alarms and immobilizers can all make a difference, so tell your insurer if you have them as it might help to lower your car insurance quote.

Consider parking habits

Where you park your car can also affect how much you pay. As a general rule, if you park your car in a garage or at least on your drive on a regular basis, it should save you more on your insurance than if you park your car on a road. This is because cars are more at risk when parked on the road as opposed to if they’re secured on your own property. The cost impact of this is likely to depend on the area you live in as well as your parking habits, but it’s definitely worth taking into account.

Consider driving habits

Changing the way you drive can also help to reduce your car insurance costs. If there is any way you can drive less, this will more than likely be a bonus for your insurance quotes. Of course, it can often be hard to cut down on the amount you drive, especially if you need to travel long distances on a regular basis, but if you can drive less it’s definitely worth it. You’ll pay less in fuel costs as well as insurance if you do.

Change your deductible

Another tactic is to raise your deductible per incident. For instance, if you raise yours from $250 to $500 per incident, this should have a marked effect on your car insurance quotes. This is largely because it reduces the risk of giving you cover in the eyes of the insurer, as having a higher deductible reduces the chances of you claiming on your policy.

Shop around regularly

Finally, it’s always worth shopping around to get the best cheap car insurance deals. Even if you are satisfied with the service  and get a good call back service from your current insurer, it’s always a good idea to do a price comparison once a year to check you’re still getting a good deal.

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