Month : February 2011

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads – I Cant Wait For This Edition

Welcome to the weekend, It’s been a busy week for me and I’ve been learning a lot of stuff to share with all of you. Because of the time commitment I had to put towards that, this Kick-Ass weekend isn’t going to be detailed. So here are the best of the best(IMHO):

Vote for me “Habits” Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Round 2, Posts 5-8

I agree Real Entrepreneurs Are Successful

Win something First Blogoversary and Gigantic Giveaway – More Than $600 Worth of Cash and Prizes!!!

I hate scams One24 Scam

Yup Modern Day Slavery- Worth Pondering

Interesting idea A Big Loophole That Will Save You $25+ When Flying

Do this Can’t Find a Dream Job- Create Your Own

And now to the theme of this post

I mean really, who cant wait for this to come out? I can’t!

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend, sign up for my Do What You Want eCourse. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Have a great and beautiful weekend.

Guest Post

7 Free Personal Finance Podcasts

There are many free podcasts online that can help you learn more about making, saving, and investing your money. Some of the best are hosted be well known entrepreneurs, financial planners, and economists. Here are seven excellent podcasts that can be downloaded to a music player, played online, or subscribed to through iTunes or an RSS feed.

Money Girl – Author, entrepreneur, and consultant Laura Adams hosts the Money Girl Podcast. Each podcast lasts just a few minutes and either answers a question or provides a “quick and dirty” tip on investing, saving, money management, and other areas of personal finance.

Money Guy – This podcast/blog is hosted by Brian Preston, the well known CPA and financial planner. Each episode of Money Guy revolves around a personal finance theme. Brian’s favorite topics include investing, saving, retirement, debt, credit cards, and taxes.

The Truth About Money – Ric Edelman, who is frequently ranked among America’s 100 top financial advisors, offers advice on retirement planning, mortgages, insurance, investing, college planning, and other personal finance topics on this radio show/podcast. New episodes are released regularly and typically last one hour each.

Consumerism Commentary – Hosted by Tom Dziubek, a former podcaster with the Wall Street Journal, this web radio show covers a range of personal finance related topics, including saving, investing, and debt management. New episodes are released regularly and often feature interviews with a special guest.

Vanguard Podcasts – Vanguard offers two podcasts series for investors. The first, Plain Talk on Investing, provides simple tips on everything from stock market investing to saving for college. The second, Investment Commentary, covers investment trends and features interviews with economists and investment experts.

Planet Money – NPR’s Planet Money explores the global economy through both podcasts and blog posts. Podcasts include interviews with regular folks as well as renowned economists. Each podcast episode lasts an average 20 to 25 minutes on average.

Bloomberg On the Economy – This Bloomberg podcast, hosted by Mike McKee and Sara Eisen, is more advanced than most. Podcast episodes tend to focus on finance news and interviews with top economists.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes about insurance and other topics for the Homeowners Insurance Blog.

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads – Learn To Understand Edition

Happy Saturday!!

I’ve had an interesting week, with my truck breaking down and hunting for my next place to live.

Life will always have it’s adventures and set backs. You just have to keep working through it, because they’ll always be there.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for my Do What You Want eCourse. There’s a lot of information in there that will help you find your passion and take it to the internet to make some money off of it.

Don’t Overthink Life! Think Less and Get Happy, life is too short to overthink. Just jump in and enjoy the world.

Right before I started writing this post I watched the video Extreme Lifestyle Experiments- My TEDx Talk.

I recommend you watch it if you want your life changed. It’s really motivating and if you follow what he says, you’ll have a more fulfilling life…so watch it!

I’m a big fan of interviews because people have a lot of knowledge that can be let out so much more easier when asked vs. when they have to tell.

Listen to How to Become a Freelance Writer and take some notes. If you love writing, start making money from it.

This is just so cool. Living Room- The Ultimate Interior Decorating Gadget. Imagine seeing what your room will look like before you decorate. Maybe I could use this at my new place :)

Now once again, to bring the theme together, make sure you learn to understand or you may regret it. Watch this.


Enjoy the weekend and try something new.

Remember to Live Your Passion!

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads

Kick Ass Weekend Reads It Is My Birthday. Edition

Well, my birthday was yesterday but close enough. I’m finally 26 and almost over the hill :)

Anyway, I’ve been a lot of great feedback from my Do What You Want eCourse. It’s packed with information on how to start Living

Your Passion and making money doing it. It’s free…so sign up now.

The second Yakezie writing contest has begun. I helped narrow the field down so you know they’re all going to be quality. Go vote now!

The fact that Salaries top out at 40 may be hard to swallow but maybe it’s the push that you need to start working for yourself and to Do What You Want.

The truth is Don’t Be So Concerned About Money That You Miss Life. Life is way too short to let money get in the way. Do What You Want and making money is sounding a lot better now isn’t it?

Learn Why it’s Important to Teach Personal Finance to the Next Generation. To stop the cycle of overspending you have to start with the youngins.

You can have 4 Extra Hours a Day- Television’s Impact on Our Time. It’s hard to wean off of but it will be so much better for your life.

Now to the cools stuff @BitRebels

The Geeky Etch-A-Sketch Computer

Adult Toys- Take A Peek Into Their Private Lives Probably NSFW but hilarious

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors- 4 New Throws To Spice It Up

It is my birthday. so enjoy

Remember to Live Your Passion and have a great weekend!

Guest Post

No Need to Look to the Future for Cheap Calls – It’s Here!

This is a guest post from the writers of DialToSave

Even in this age of constant global telecommunications, we still think of long-distance phone calls as being a very expensive luxury. The idea of being able to make cheap calls to Australia, for example, is still something regarded as unrealistic in the United Kingdom but the reality is that cheap international calls, even from mobiles, are available now.

Thanks to recent developments in telephony and mobile technology, cheap calls to India, South America, Japan, the Caribbean, or any other global destination can be accessed by anyone. Rates for international calls, which in the past could cost upwards of 50p per minute, are now as cheap as 0.5p per minute.

International call companies have established special arrangements with telephone network suppliers worldwide, allowing mobile users in the UK to make calls to India, China and beyond on lines of excellent quality and large volume.

The new processes for making cheap international calls from mobile phones are remarkably straightforward. Mobile users can use their handsets, such as the new Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC Gratia, to directly set up international calling accounts that are paid for through their existing mobile phone bills. Online payment providers such as Paypal can also be used to add funds to international calling accounts.

Once an account has been funded, mobile users simply enter a pin number on their handset, followed by the international telephone number they wish to call, and the cheap call rates will be activated and deducted from their pre-funded account. UK network providers will treat the international call like a normal domestic call, meaning international calls around the world can be covered by inclusive minutes on UK contracts.

Another fantastic feature of this technology is that the balance of international call accounts can be tracked online, so you can make sure that you get the most from what you’ve paid for. With rates as low as 0.5p per minute, £5 of credit could afford you over 16 hours of international calls. Compared to the price of international calls in years gone by, the savings are staggering.

The days of buying a physical piece of card in a newsagent and rushing over to your nearest phone box to call your long lost uncle in Australia might hold some heady, nostalgic memories. But existing technology and services offering cheap calls to Australia mean that scenes like this are rarely necessary. Giving your uncle a call is now not only a great deal easier but also a whole lot cheaper as well!