Month : October 2010

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Happy Friday!! It’s been an ok week. I’ve been sick since Monday but I think that has passed so yay.

I’m down to around 93,000 in the Alexa rankings so that’s real good since I took last week off. I’d like to re-thank everyone for their help in promoting all of my posts last week and thanks to all of you for reading.

I’m getting a lot of great feedback from my Financial Freedom eCourse. Be sure to sign up to get great information to stop being broke and getting your finances straight.

I had a lot going on this week and that should continue the next couple of weeks when I announce an eBook I’m working on. I’m really putting a lot of work into it and I really hope every enjoys it. I’ll have more info in the coming weeks.

I’m going to be having a new contest next week so be on the lookout Monday for the announcement.

 I want give you a heads up about this neat retirement tool at Sun Life Financial. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

I also what to give a public shout out to @DJSisterhen for helping me with some questions that I couldn’t find any answers to. I’ll be talking about that in the not to near future but I will talk about it. Go check him out at and go buy his book Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money and Marriage.

Now on to the Likes:

@Jwhite Why People Complain and What We Can Do About It

@OutOfYourRut Pursuing Your Passion Isn’t as Risky as it Used to Be

@CleverDude Wanna be a millionaire- Move to Vietnam!

@MoneyNing The Financial Price Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

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@ Digging Out From Out Mess Please support the Pepsi Refresh Grant Programs

@NewCarCoach How to negotiate with moving companies

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@Flexo Debt Settlement Companies Can Easily Skirt New Rules

@TheSavedQuarter Halloween Candy Buy Back

@GrlRedBalloon New Goal- Acquire No New Debt

@WInformatics Financial Planning Days – My experience and observations

@UltMoneyBlog What’s the Strangest Online Purchase You’ve Made

@DeliverAwayDeby Focus on the Important Things

@SmartOnMoney Retiring Wealthy On An Average Salary- The Story Of The Sensible Social Worker

@DanielPacker Suze Orman Gave Bad Advice

@MoneyCrush Recognize and Eliminate Distractions

@Elle_CM Buying a Car with Cash, No Loan

@PunchDebt Marshmallow Test, Delay Gratification

Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

The Power Of A Storm Captured In Pictures!

An Online Tool For Easy Recipe Browsing!

And to end this lovely week I’ll show you this video that I found @Consumerist Why Are TV Ads For Lawyers So Unbelievably Sh&%!y?

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!!


Im Not On A Boat Anymore

I’m back from my cruise. Well I was back Saturday but I didn’t get out of vacation mode until yesterday. Everything went great as far as the cruise. I came back from the cruise engaged!! That’s right, I asked and she said yes!!! I believe we’re planning on getting married next November so I have some saving to do.

We came back to some great news….she got laid off!!! Yay…..wait, no that’s bad news. But they say it’s temporary and she should be hired back in 3 to 4 months. But until then, she’s job hunting.

Anyways, I would like to thank everyone that helped promote all of my posts last week. Here’s all of the great people who helped out and I’ll promote their posts as well. If I for some reason left you off feel free to contact me and I will add you. Don’t hesitate to ask because I do want to thank all of you.

Here are the great people:

@EDayTipsThought Lessons Learned From Primates…

@SMTblog Real Estate Investing Ideas for Your Savings

@WInformatics Financial Planning Days – My experience and observations

@ModernTightWad Vegas Vacation, Tightwad Style (With a Giveaway)

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@NotMadeOfMoney As the Holidays Grow Closer – Frugal Gift Giving Strategies

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@ConsumerBoomer How Does The Stock Market Perform After Mid-Term Elections?

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@Aloysa2010 Food For Thought

@Bsimple Simplify your personal finances by building a financial fortress

@PunchDebt Is the reward system smart?

@Bucksome They’re Not Called Food Stamps Anymore

Once again if I missed you, please let me know because I want to give you proper thanks.


I’m On A Boat

We’ll not yet, but I will be tomorrow for a week long Vacay (Thanks Dad for the tickets). The reason for no round up is…..busy packing ….yea I do realize excuses are like…..well you know. Anyways, this will be my first cruise so I don’t know how I’ll adjust to a life of not being able to check my email, blog stats, or Facebook. Whatever will I do?

Since I’m going to be gone all next week I would appreciate any promotion of my articles if you enjoy them. I’ll be posting them M,W,F. Thank you all for reading and hopefully I’ll be a changed man when I get back (I’ll let you know what I mean).

One last note is that I finally broke 100,000 in the Alexa ranking so I’m really happy. I thank all of you for visiting and I’m going to have a contest when I get back (and it won’t be books).

Since I always have time for the Yakezie, here are the member intros for this week of some of the Best Personal Finance Sites. If you want to know more about me go check mine out and you’ll see a big surprise.


  • Yakezie Member Post – Buy Like Buffett
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  • Yakezie Member Post – Watson Inc
  • Yakezie Member Post – Financially Poor <—-That’s me
  • Yakezie Member Post – Money Beagle

    And also, please don’t try to break into my home since I do live with roommates and they will be here. Plus, I do have a security system:

    Thank you all for just being you, and have a great weekend and next week.

    Friday Night Likes

    Friday Night Likes

    I’ve had a busy week so I wasn’t able to do that many links so this is a shorter link roundup.

    I just bought a nice video camera so I’ll start my videos back up again next week and I’m hoping for some better quality.

    I recently held a giveaway for my newsletter subscribers, so sign up so you don’t miss out on the next giveaway.

    My Alexa rankings are starting to go down again, which is great, and I had my biggest day as far as visitors on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to many more big days, thanks to everyone for reading.

    Now on to the Likes:

    @FreeScore How I Pulled My Credit Report & What I Found

    I did a guest post about…well the title says it all. Go see my adventure.

    @OutOfYourRut How Car Leases Torpedo Your Finances

    I’m for sure not a fan of leases and this post goes over pretty much all the reasons why.

    @AlphaConsumer Carnival of Personal Finance, Oktoberfest Edition

    This weeks carnival of personal finance was hosted by Alpha Consumer so go check it out.


    Yakezie Member Post-Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

    Yakezie Member Post – Canadian Finance Blog

    Yakezie Member Post – Investor Junkie

    Yakezie Member Post – Money Reasons

    Yakezie Member Post – MoneyCrush

    @DeliverAwayDebt Free Money Experiment

    That is weird how we block things out some time. Go take Jeff up on his offer.

     @MoreStyleTCash Spending Money and Making Yourself Sick – Seven Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Health

    This is pretty disturbing. I was not aware of some of these things. Go check it out and see if you’re unknowingly harming your health.

    @PFFireWall We Pulled The Trigger On a Used Car: Here is What We Learned

    Great story and overview of buying a car. The best tip in my opinion is the one about not putting yourself in a situation of urgency. Buy a car before you have to so you don’t have to take what ever the car salesman wants to give you.

    @OutOfDebtAgain Have You Ever Told Someone In The Grocery Store About Sale Items?

    I haven’t but I’m sure some people would like it. Have you?

    @GrlRedBalloon Last minute wedding invitations

    I wouldn’t feel guilty for turning it down. People know that there’s a chance you won’t be able to make it on a weeks notice, so I don’t think it would be hurtful.

    Cool Links @BitRebels

    Flip Notebook: The Coolest Notebook A Geek Could Have!

    Dancing Flight Attendants Wow Passengers!

    Have a Boy Car? Buy Him a Mustache!

    To Brighten Your Day: A Gigantic Human Smiley Face!

    The Vending Machine That Rewards A Smile!

    Augmented Reality: How Do You Experience Death?

    A great way to end this week is with an example of confidence. Don’t worry about what other people think!!!


    Have a problem? Here Is How To Find A Solution

    In the vast space of the internet there are lot’s of ways to find a solution to your problems. However, usually you have to find many different sites and piece together what the solution is. Well now there’s an easier way, it’s called SolutionAuctions. It recently launched and I can tell you it’s a very nifty idea.

    The Story

    The founder of SolutionAuctions had pretty much the same issue and thought there had to be a better way so he made a better way. It took a while to get all of the kinks worked out but after a few years he has a final product that recently went public.

    My Thoughts

    I went to the site with all of the thoughts of why would I pay for something when it’s free on the internet usually. But a little more thinking and I came to the conclusion, well it’s not all on the internet and if it is then it would be so much easier and less time consuming to have other people to do it.

    SolutionAuctions is actually twofold, You can bid on solutions as well as auction off your problem to the lowest bidder. That way you can have other people find your solution and make life so much easier.

    Selling Solutions

    I actually created my own auction on How to create a website and found the process rather easy. The best thing I like about creating an auction is that it helps you to sell. It has you answer 3 questions, which are great questions, that will answer potential questions a buyer may have.

    The best thing about the whole system is that it’s all automated. You upload the solution to their system and when ever someone wins it, SolutionAuctions automatically sends out the solution to them. This is a great opportunity to set up a passive income stream.

    I did have a chance to speak with the owner and got a couple of things clarified and I figured I’d help out by stating what I learned.

    • When you’re selling you can choose to upgrade, like making your solution featured on the front page, which only lasts for the first listing. If you have it set to automatically relist, which you can do up to 99 times, it won’t count for each time although you can manually add it. This is good so you won’t be charged 99 times to do that unless you want to.
    • Also, if someone “buys now” that will be the end of your listing and then it will automatically relist if you have it set to.
    • If you list your auction for less than 24hrs and then someone buys it, then the relist will be for 24 hrs, not your original listing time.
    • All listing is free, the only cost is a percentage of the sell price when someone buys your solution.

    Buying Solutions

    One of the great things about buying solutions is that there is a 100% money back guarantee. That really takes the pressure off the buyer when it comes to not being sure if a solution is what it says it is. Also there’s a feedback system so you can see how good the solution seller is.

    If you can’t find a solution all you have to do is set up an auction and have someone bid to solve your problem. Easy peasy.

    There is one bad thought I had about the site and that is someone buying my solution and then selling it for cheaper. I talked with the owner and was told that all you have to do is, in your auction, say “this is for your own use only and you can not sell it to others without my permission.” If you have that and someone tries to sell it on there you can contact support and they will take care of it.

    With that I can honestly say that this is a great opportunity for passive income and can save a lot of time if you have a problem.

    Limited Time Promotion

    Get started now because for a limited time if you do the following you will get sent cash via PayPal

    • For completing the survey when you go to the site you’ll receive $5
    • For every quality and hard to find solution auction you post on the site you’ll receive up to $30
    • For each referral you send them you’ll receive $1

    I’ll just leave you with this quote from SolutionAuctions

    Everyone is an expert in something

    I was paid for this review. This is my honest review and I would never let a few bucks damage my reputation. Go check it out for yourself and let me know if I was wrong on something.