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Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

LinksHappy Friday. It’s been a great week. I’ve had a lot of interest in my Facebook page so if you want to join in be sure to Like Me.

I really want to help my YouTube channel take off. If you have any tutorials you would like me to do or have any ideas for videos please shoot them my way, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for reading this week and now on to the Likes:

@MoneyCrashers 5 Reasons To Rethink How Much Money You Need To Retire

This is something everyone needs to look into since that is the most vulnerable time in your life.

@MoneyNing 5 Tips to Reading a Restaurant Menu (and Getting the Best Deal)

Eating out can get expensive, be sure to use these tips to keep down that expense

@MoneyCrush Jump in with Both Feet

Just do what the title says when it comes to what you really want to do in life

@BudgetsAreSexy Your Take: Lending Money to Friends & Family

I don’t think money should be loaned to friends and family (not including like $15). If you want to help then give them the money with no strings attached. Otherwise you’re getting into a sticky situation.

Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

This will be a regular part of Friday Night Likes because I really like this website and they always have cool things to show. I’ll be highlighting the best posts of the weeks from them.

Touchable Holograms Are Now A Reality!

The Fastest 100 Meter Hurdles – Wearing Flippers!

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieYay, I broke 200,000 which was the Yakezie challenge goal  (I’m writing this on wed and I’m at 201,000. so hopefully by the time you read this I’m below 200,000 otherwise you can ignore this yay).

Update: I’m at 196,287 so the yay is official :)

Thanks for reading everyone and I’m happy you’re enjoying my blog. If you want some more of me be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter and Like me on Facebook.

Here are the Yakezie of the week:

@ExtremeJacob Why the unemployed don’t work

I think his system would solve a lot of problems in today’s world. However the likelihood of this happening is about 0. We’ve become a world of reliant people. We always rely on other things. The problem is that there are more people relying than there are people being able to be relied upon.

@FinancialSamura Why Are The Employed So Smug About The Unemployed?

I’m going to agree and disagree on this one. I think that we should help those that are unemployed because if I was unemployed I would want that help as well. Treat others as you would like to be treated. But I will disagree with the title because that makes a generalization about the employed generalizing about the unemployed. Other than that I agree.

@NewCarCoach Should car salesmen be allowed to profit?

Feel bad for the salesman when you get the best deal on a car? Read this post to find out why you shouldn’t/

@EDayTipsThought Money Saving Tip #1: Just Say No To Restaurant Soft Drinks!

All I ever drink at restaurants is water. It’s free and it’s good for me so why would I get anything else?

@LenPenzo The Great Debate: Do Kids Really Need Their Own Cell Phone?

I was against giving kids cellphones until I read his logic. People should embrace technology and use it for what it was meant to do…make our lives easier.

@UltMoneyBlog Why Organics Suck

I am in agreement.  I would buy organic but it’s really expensive compared to the non organic and my health concerns aren’t that big to me at the moment to justify the price.


@Bucksome CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

I really want this clock. Head on over and let her know what you like and enter to win.

Carnivals and Roundups

@OutOfDebtAgain Yakezie Alexa Challenge Roundup

BeatingBroke Carnival of Personal Finance #267

Book Reviews

Should I Buy This Book? Review: Money Made Simple

I’m going to start off by saying this is a pretty good book for those just starting out learning about personal finance. It’s basically a question and answer book.

It goes over basic questions from budgeting to estate planning and breaks it up into 9 different chapters.

At the beginning of each chapter it goes over basic questions but as the chapter progresses so do the questions that it answers.

It does a great job of going into those advanced questions and answering them with simplistic answers so that it’s easy to understand.

The Negative

It’s really only a negative now because it’s 6 years old and some of the laws for a couple of things have changed. So some things are outdated. but 99% of the book is timeless information.

The Positive

It’s in question and answer format so it’s pretty straight forward and easy stopping points.It does a great job of covering all of the topics thoroughly without getting boring.

Would I Buy This Book?

I probably wouldn’t. However, if you’re not that well versed in the internet or would like a one stop spot that has a lot of your financial questions answered, then this book is for you. I say that because if you looked on sites like yahoo answers, but if you don’t know what questions to ask this book can help you.

Buy It

Money Made Simple : Easy Answers To Tough Money Questions

P.S. Some of the links in this post I earn a little bit of money from so I can pay my bills. But I promise to never to intentionally lead you to a bad company and to never let the money affect my opinion.

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Another Friday and another weekend is here, congrats. I’d like to thank you all for reading and if you have any questions or comments be sure to send them my way. I have a new edition coming to this site soon that I’m really excited about. I’ll be rolling it out in the next couple of weeks so I’m really excited. And it’s a secret if you can’t tell. so shhh.

Anyways, today is the last day to Win a pair of Entertainment books so be sure to enter for your chance to win. Do it.

Check out my Likes:

@PTMoney Can You Count on Social Security?

I’m not really going to be counting on it. If I do end up getting it awesome. But if not then oh well.

@Studenomics Student’s First Car Buyer Guide– What You Need To Know

I had my parents match what I earned from working and was able to purchase my car in cash. I was really lucky because I could not afford a car payment at that time.

@CashMoneyLife How Banks Make Money

Banks are something we use everyday whether we know it or not, so it’s always good to know how they work.

@ DoughRoller Pennies Saved May No Longer Be Pennies Earned

That’s very interesting but I feel like things would cost more money if we didn’t have the penny. Everything would be rounded up. No good.

@BudgetsAreSexy Is it bad that we wrote a check for $10?

I recently had an article about checks on here and I wouldn’t mind getting a check vs not getting anything….just saying.

This is just cool

@BitRebels Silly Putty 2.0 Has Arrived

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI’m moving on up or down, however you look at it, in the Alexa rankings. I’m at 230,000 so I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal of 200,000.Thanks for visiting and reading. And thank you to all of you that downloaded the Alexa Toolbar. If you enjoy my site be sure to leave a review, I really appreciate it. 

Be sure to enter to win a pair of entertainment books. The drawing ends tomorrow night so hurry up and enter. 

Now on to the Yakezie: 

@ Frugal Confessions Restaurant Hacks: Your Money Saving Guide To Discount Dining 

Title says it all. This guide does help you save money. I promise, so check it out 

@DeliverAwayDebt How to Pay Off Debt Fast 

Jeff wrote this great post about getting out of debt. It’s a pretty long read but he does a great job of separating it for a quick read :) 

@FinEngr Interview: How To Be A Fierce Competitor (Part I) 

I really liked this interview with the author, very informative. I can’t wait for part 2 

@EveryDayFinance Charitable Contributions – Avoid being Ripped Off 

Don’t give to those you’ve never heard of because they may just put that money into their own pockets. Read this post to keep safe. 

@ExtremeJacob Early Retirement Extreme Forums 

Jacob announces his new forums which I think are a great edition to his website. I’m going to visit them often. Go register. 

@UltMoneyBlog Yakezie Carnival 

Mrs. Money did a great job with the Yakezie Carnival. Check it out and see some great posts from all of the Yakezie.