Month : April 2010

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 4/30/10

Stadium LightsA site is only good if it gives it’s readers want they want. So I want to know what you want to read about. If you have any questions about personal finance, let me know. Either leave a comment on this post or go to the Contact Me page and tell me a problem you need help on. If all else fails, you can like my Facebook page and post on my wall. I’m here to help you, and If I can’t help, I’ll make a post about it to see if anyone visiting this site can help out.

Now on to the likes.

@MoneyNing When Do You Not Need a Budget?

This post gives you something to think about if you don’t budget. I agree that if you’re living with a great income and you’re putting a good portion of your income away for retirement you can forgo a budget. However, If I personally had that life I would still have a budget because I know if I had that kind of life I would probably get excited every now and then and blow a good chunk of it. A budget helps keep me in control and gives me goals to work towards. But to each their own.

@thedigeratilife Oil Spill Disaster & The Costs of the Pursuit of Profit

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a great environmental disaster and it’s really unbelievable that it happened. This post does a great job of linking a great environmental setback to a financial setback.

@BudgetsAreSexy Budgeting Does No Good…

Short and to the point, just the way I like my posts. I think you are your own worst enemy and don’t take life so seriously. yea, that’s what I got out of this post.

@Wisebread 10 Ways to Cut Waste When Feeding Kids

I don’t have kids, but if I did I know this post would help me a lot. So because of that reason I’m sharing it so that anyone of you with kids may get some knowledge from it. I like the tip about not going all out on school lunches. It’s true don’t give them more than they can eat at school because that extra food will just be thrown away.

@MJTM Regardless of your Financial Situation Don’t Forget to be Happy!

It’s easy to look at all of the bad things in your life but that doesn’t make it better. Focus on the good stuff and put on a happy face. There’s a great poem in this post that will help you out if all you do is put off being happy.

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 4/23/10

Stadium Lights

This is going to be a regular post every Friday. It’s my picks for the best personal finance posts from the current week. But first I’d like to thank everyone that has visited this site and left a comment. I’m very excited about the amount of people that have come through here. Feel free to make comments or ask questions on any post or if you want, send them to me on the Contact Me page at the top. I’m also available on twitter @FinanciallyPoor, and don’t forget to subscribe to this site by clicking on the big orange button on the right for the RSS feed or the blue button to subscribe by email. Thank you, now on to the picks.

@enemyofdebt My Beef With Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki!

It’s a great post about why Robert Kiyosaki isn’t as great as everyone makes him to be. I never liked any of his books because they always made me feel like I had to buy more of his products in order to succeed.

@Consumerist Miami Businessman Charged With Running $900 Million Ponzi Scheme

This goes to show you that if it’s too good to be true….it is.

@SingleGuyMoney What Happened to Personal Responsibility?

It’s a great question. I think as a society we’re starting to play the blame game way too much and I don’t think it’s going to get any better.

@FinancialSamura Don’t Have Children If You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself

There’s a great piece of legislation proposed here. I think people should take a class before deciding to have a child, like couples counseling before marriage.


Check Out The New Carnival Of Personal Finance #253

This weeks host is Debt Ninja at Punch Debt In The Face. There are some great articles in this weeks carnival so be sure to read them all.

P.S. I’m one of the editors picks, yay me:)

P.S.S Debt Ninja talks about losing his virginity. Very interesting story.


Why I’m Starting This Site

Let me just start with a short intro about myself. I’m Kevin, I’m 26, and my income is around $24,000 per year. Me and my girlfriend currently live together with roommates. She’s the love of my life and I’m lucky to have her. We have combined our finances, so that adds about an extra $10,000 per year to our income. Our income isn’t that much for a couple and I don’t plan to have it increase too much anytime soon.  I’ve spent a lot more money than I have for a long time and about a year ago I decided to stop. I realized that in order to have a less stressful life I would need to get my finances in order so I wouldn’t have to deal with not having enough money to pay bills.

I’m hoping with this site to help other people, like me, get finances to the forefront of their thoughts and to have a less stressful life. I’m starting this site to help people like me that don’t have that much money to save and need help to get their finances in order. My aim for this blog is to tackle the financial habits that cause Poor finances, as well as the mental aspects. The biggest thing I hope to gain is better control of my finances and life.

Thank you for joining me in my journey.