Here are some of the qualities a good lawyer should have

When you were young you definitely had some dreams that you wanted to pursue, apart from the fictional fantasies, you had certain aspirations that could have been inspired by the people around you or something you saw. This was probably the first time you had a vision of your future.

You might have continued pursuing this dream and it could be what you are currently undertaking. Sometimes plans change and you get to know of other passions that you have in life. Whatever the case, the career goals you had, shaped your mindset and helped impart certain principles that have been helpful to you even till today.

If you are a parent right now, your wish is to see your children reach their full potential; you will most likely make some sacrifices so that your offspring can be able to have the opportunities that you did not. You are also to give the necessary love and support that they need.

One popular career that is known to be quite a high profile job is being a lawyer. This is a career choice that you are likely to be proud of, it is a job that entails standing up for justice and letting the truth be known.  This could be because you are a lawyer, and the child looks up to you, or the image portrayed about this job is very attractive to the kid.

You know that the career choice of an individual usually reconciles with the personality of the person. Just like people who work in the media and entertainment industry are normally outgoing people, with law, there are some attributes that you expect to see. Some of them can be developed over time. Here are some of the behaviors a good lawyer should have;

  • Be very good at communicating.

For lawyers especially the ones who go to court, articulation is something that is valued very highly. You are expected to clearly explain the case and your standpoint to the court, and to make the judge or jury understand why your argument is the one that should be taken as true.

  • Have great research skills.

In this career, you should know that your argument should be based on facts and there is no tolerance for opinions that do not have proof. If you have good research skills you will be able to give solid business legal advice to the clients that require this information from you.

You should encourage your child in every endeavor they decide to undertake. Strive to allow your offspring to enjoy every opportunity that they can access to make them acquire important skills and experiences. Law is a career path that is not easy, but with the right attitude and having these features, success is almost certain. 


Gerald Box is a well experienced lawyer; he has been in practice for over twenty years and has a specialty in business legal advice. Gerald is also a trained life coach and has conducted many seminars to young high school students on career paths.

Debt Management

Do Not Be Scared About Debt, Do This Instead

Hello my fellow Financial Freedom Guerrillas.

I know being in debt can seem overwhelming but you can win if you don’t curl up and die. The last thing you want to do is freeze up, because then the debt will have won. You are stronger than that and I know you can overcome it.

There are a lot of things in life to be scared of, but debt isn’t one of them. The boogie man, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, those are things to be scared of. Debt is just an over indulgence of life.

Instead of being scared become resourceful. Think to yourself “what can I do to get out of this situation?”, “What can I do to kill this debt?”

Do you need to get rid of some things? Do you need to cut back on your monthly expenses? Do you need to make more money?

Think about it this way, If you were stuck behind enemy lines and you only have the clothes on your back, would you just lay down and die? I would hope not. I would hope that you would find a way to make it home alive.

Do that with debt!

Use all the resources available to you. Do you have somebody you can stay with? Do you have somebody that can help you come up with a plan? Do you have somebody that can help you learn to fish, instead of giving you the fish?

We are lucky to be at a day in age where we have a huge resource available to us for free. The Internet! Use it to help you find answers to what you’re scared about. Write down all the reasons why you are scared and Google them.

I promise you are not the only one who is scared. Look around and you’ll find other people that have become resourceful and didn’t let being scared stop them from overcoming debt.

Just don’t let that paralyze you, don’t give it power over you, don’t let it eat you alive. Become Rambo and do what it takes to defeat your debt.

Your dreams are waiting for you, so start heading towards them. I’m knocking down all of the barriers in between. Don’t let debt conquer you and kill your dreams, conquer it and make your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to defeat your debt?

How are you/have you become resourceful?

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Money Management

5 Essentials For Personal Finance Success

financial success Success in personal finance isn’t a cake walk. It takes hard work, but in the end it’s all worth it when you have the freedom to not worry about money. In order to get to that point of bliss here are 5 essential things that you’ll need.


If you don’t know where your money is going you’ll never be able to control it. A budget will help you to tame your money. There are many different ways to set a budget up, so be sure to find what works for you. I prefer the Zero Based Budget, but I think I might dabble in this budget I saw @PunchDebt . As situations change and you feel like your budget isn’t working for you then change it, but be sure you have one.

Emergency Fund

What are you going to do when your car breaks down, or you fall and break your leg in two places? If you don’t have a fund for that emergency then you’re not going to be very successful at paying those bills. So what you need to have is an Emergency Fund. The best place to have it is an account you don’t have immediate access, but doesn’t take too long to get. I keep mine in an ING savings account because I’m able to set up a sub account just for it and they have a nice rate of return.


When I retire I want to have the freedom to do what ever I want, when I want. That’s why I have a 401k and contribute to it every paycheck. I also get a nice match from the company I work for, so that’s helping my dream come true. If you’re not putting away money towards your 401k every chance you get then you’re missing out on boatload of money. When you contribute to your 401k it’s with pretax money. That brings down your total income and decreases the amount of taxes you pay. Also, you have time on your side working to compound that money into millions. Take a look at this scientific chart I made.


The world changes every day. There are new strategies/ways of doing things every day. That goes for personal finance as well. If you stay on top of things and expand your knowledge then you will be successful. I love to read books and that’s a great way to learn. A great to read up on what’s new is by surfing the web and reading blogs like mine. Make it a habit of learning something new every day.


Things take time to build up. You’re most likely not going to become a millionaire overnight, but overtime you can become one. Trying to take control of your finances in the beginning isn’t easy but if you have the patience to stay with it you will succeed. Remember:

“Patience is the greatest of all virtues”

If you have these five personal finance essentials you will succeed in your journey of personal finance.

P.S. Some of the links in this post I earn a little bit of money from, in order to pay my bills. But I promise to never to intentionally lead you to a bad company and to never let the money affect my opinion.

Tell me about your success in personal finance. Which of these essentials helped you the most to succeed?

Mind Over Money

Who Is A Financial Freedom Guerrilla?

Do you want to live a life that doesn’t involve having to worry about how your next bill is going be paid?

Do you want to do what you want to do, when you want to do it without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it?

Do you want to live your life doing what makes you happy and making money doing it?

A Financial Freedom Guerrilla is someone that says yes to all of those questions, and wants to fight for it.

In order to get that life you have to want it more than anything else! You have to know that what you’re doing today is setting up the rest of your life. You need to fight for what you want! It’s not enough to say what you’re going to do, you have to do it!

Become a Financial Freedom Guerrilla and fight for your dreams because you can achieve them and you will! Join me in that fight and I will lead you there. I will give you everything you need to accomplish your goals.

I want you to be a Financial Freedom Guerrilla and I want to see you reach your dreams. We all have them, but most of us lose them as we get older and get content. I say no more! There is no reason, nothing at all, that should stop you from reaching your dreams.

Only you have the power to stop you! I want to help you get over yourself and succeed where you used to fail. Follow me to Financial Freedom! I will lead you there but you have to follow and take action.

Sure, you can just sit there and read what I have to say. And that’s what I used to do. But I came to the realization that sitting down isn’t going to get you anywhere. I want you to stand up, stand up and follow me. If something is stopping you, just ask me for help. If you need more than written words to get you going feel free to get some extra help from me.

Join me in the fight and sign up for weekly updates so you don’t miss anything. Plus, every now and then I’ll give you a chance to win a little something something to help you out.

Fight for what you want because that’s what life is all about… your dreams.

What do you want to fight for? Are you going to join me in the fight?

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Money Management

What did we do before fuel cards?

No, seriously what did we do before fuel cards for businesses? I’ve run a maintenance and repair company for over 10 years now and wake up with cold sweats thinking of my life before Texaco cards from

Before I selected a business account fuel card from ‘choose a fuel card’ I had to:

Sift through hundreds of receipts on a monthly basis; I have over 100 operatives each with their own personal vehicle. As you can imagine, come paperwork time at the end of each week, retrieving valid and accurate receipts from every member of staff was a nightmare, more than a nightmare. Weekly memos went out at the beginning of every week to remind staff they must retain a valid VAT receipt for tax purposes, and yet every week receipts were failed to be collected and returned to the office, meaning my company was losing out in thousands of pounds in company tax returns. With my new fuel card ‘online accounts management’ system I’m now able to track every single transaction carried out by my operatives and claim the VAT back easily with ‘HMRC approved weekly invoices’.

Worry about company credit card bills, constantly. Before the fuel card system was put in place my operatives used company credit cards to pay for their fuel. Not only did this mean I had interest accruing on the monthly bills but often (more than likely over the weekends) staff abused the company credit cards for personal use. Warning after warning, this misuse and misconduct led to all sorts of disciplinary action, which is not what I wanted or needed amongst my generally hard working staff. With the fuel cards in place I receive interest free monthly bills all collected via direct debit. This eliminates any abuse of the system, reduces my outgoings as I’m not paying interest and frees up my time sifting through paperwork by taking the payment via direct debit.

Estimate how much I was spending each month on fuel, by gathering the receipts received from staff and overview of the credit card spending, this (as stated above) never matched up, leaving my monthly forecasts often falling short. This misjudgement in spending could often leave the monthly cash flow short, and the company struggling to pay suppliers, clueless to what the company was actually spending on fuel. With the fuel card account all transactions are recorded online, and not only can you track how much you are spending monthly, you are able to review a breakdown in costs; how much fuel each vehicle consumes.

Deal with national price fluctuations in fuel costs. This was becoming a major concern for me as a business I work nationwide and customers in particular parts of the UK were beginning to wonder why their maintenance costs were much higher than others, and the simple fact is because in some areas the cost to run the business is higher. In the South of England for example, I was paying much more in fuel costs than most other places, this cost had to be absorbed somewhere. With the fuel card in place the regional price fluctuations are eliminated by fixing the monthly prices. This allows me to charge my customers fairly and saves my hundreds of pounds a month.

Deal with general lack of control over the fuel management process; this was by far the worst problem with the fuel management process. I felt like I had no control over my fuel outgoings and cash flow, I had management systems inline for my accounts, for my sales calls and ordering processes but no strict protocol for the fuel bills, this left me feeling out of control and a victim of unpredictability. The fuel cards have managed to give me back that feeling of control over my finances and prevent any unpredictable and unwanted cash flow dramas. I can see an online overview of my spending, review past spending; match vehicle to vehicle spends and produce monthly invoices for tax approved receipts.

Seriously, what did we do before fuel cards? Lose many nights sleep worry over receipts and credit card bills, that’s what.