3 Effective Technical Indicators for Forex Traders

Entering the forex market by opening a trading account is only the beginning. Yes, you can start making trades and use existing systems or strategies to make money, but nothing beats understanding the market. You can grow your portfolio and maintain a more sustainable trading experience in the long run when you know how to analyze the market.

Fundamental analysis is important, but you cannot negate the fact that technical analysis can help you understand the market better. Through the use of technical indicators, you can understand where the market is going, how it is reacting to fundamentals, and the kind of trades you need to make in order to adapt to those insights.

So, which technical indicators should you use to fully understand the market? There is no definite rule to follow in this department. Every trader tends to rely on different indicators to analyze the market. There are, however, some technical indicators that are known to be very effective, and we are going to review them in this article.

Moving Average

Moving Average is the most popular technical indicator of them all. It is an indicator that virtually every trader uses to see the bigger picture while focusing on market prices. Moving Average, or MA, simply measures the prices of a forex pair across a predefined time period. A 200 MA, for example, usually represents the average price of the forex pair over 200 days.

When trading, you can use multiple MAs to indicate different things. Combining MAs of different time periods is useful for when you want to specifically measure market trends. The single Moving Average line can also be useful for identifying support and resistance points.

Earlier last year, EURUSD’s rally was stopped when it hit the 200 MA. This wasn’t the first time a strong rally stopped when it reached a certain price represented by the pair’s Moving Average. At the same time, you can measure resistance when the current price is above the longer Moving Average indicators. The simplicity of MA makes this indicator incredibly popular among traders.

Relative Strength Index, or RSI

Relative Strength Index, or RSI, is the next indicator on our list. Similar to Moving Average, RSI is also incredibly simple to use. It is basically an oscillator that depicts the general market trends and movement. It oscillates from one side of the equation to the other based on how the market moves. When the RSI hits a certain point – or breaks a barrier – you can expect a reversal or a correction.

Spend some time observing how RSI represents real market trends and you will immediately understand how easy it is to use this technical indicator. Even on a reversal, you will see the RSI oscillator going down to its lowest point, even when the market is relatively sideways.

Since RSI is very useful when combined with other technical indicators, it is one of the most sought-after indicators on the market. If you are comparing brokers you will need to read reviews. You can find a review of top names such as IC Markets here: You will notice that many of them list RSI as a must-have technical indicator.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence, or MACD

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence, or MACD in short, is an even more interesting oscillator than RSI, despite being less popular. A lot of traders – especially beginners – find MACD to be too complex to set up and use, when in fact it is incredibly intuitive and useful.

MACD adds another layer to market trend: momentum. It is a fantastic indicator for measuring how strongly the market is leaning towards a particular trend. It uses additional metrics like trading volume and multiple time periods to show you crossovers and potential milestones in the market.

Similar to the previous indicators, MACD is best used in conjunction with other indicators. You can combine MACD with indicators that represent support and resistance of a forex pair to develop a trading strategy based on market trends. The combination allows you to make the right decisions based on momentum and the support/resistance points that the market needs to break.

Other Indicators

As mentioned before, there are actually a lot of indicators that you can use to analyze the market. For example, stochastics is particularly effective in identifying pairs that are overbought or oversold, giving you a chance to enter (or exit) the market at the right times.

These indicators work even better when used alongside other indicators. You can combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis for a better market understanding too. As you try different indicators and you work towards finding the ones that work for you, you are actually in the process of developing your own trading strategy. The more you refine that strategy, the more (consistently) profitable you’ll be in the market. Considering how volatile the market is right now, you may be looking at complete financial freedom from trading alone.

Money Management

Payday Loans Are Sometimes A Necessary Choice

While nobody wishes for anyone to have a medical emergency, it is not altogether avoidable that we find ourselves in one every now and then. Unfortunately, even the best of us cannot be fully prepared for eventualities like this; we may have an emergency fund stashed somewhere but at the end of the day, we cannot really be prepared to deal with any and all surprises that come our way.

It is in moments like this that online payday loans become immensely valuable options for us to augment our financial standing. With quick approval merchant cash advance / payday loans, one can always be assured that there’s a way through which one can raise the necessary finances that may be necessary to either purchase medicines, pay for an urgent laboratory test, or raise the necessary hospital discharge fees so the patient can go home.

To this end, it is always helpful to know that some of the most accessible payday loans provider has automated the process for applying for such loans. No longer does one need to visit the lender’s office. Via the internet, one can now accomplish all the necessary documentary requirements in the comfort of one’s home, or even through an internet café if one is indeed in a bind. Processing takes about a day or two, with the check automatically deposited to a preferred bank account, and payment also accomplished via automatic deductions to one’s next payday as authorized in the application papers. The convenience of payday loans online ensures that one can stay engaged on the problems at hand while still finding a suitable option to raise the necessary short-term financing to address one’s current financial problems.

One excellent strategy to do this is to be prepared beforehand by already familiarizing yourself with the most reputable payday loans institutions in your area. Even when you are still not in a position of urgent need, it already helps to scout which lenders have excellent reputations for payday loans. This way, one does not have to be in absolute and total chaos when the day comes where one has to choose a payday loans offer out of many. It helps to know beforehand that some banks offer lower interest rates, have very quick turnaround and processing times, and automate everything from application to payment so there is no need to worry about it once the need arises.

Opening yourself to extra options for raising finances is never a bad thing. Take note of these important considerations for payday loans so when you need it, you already know where to go, what to do, and what to expect.



What should you do if your insurer is in trouble?


Is it possible to have a highly successful and seemingly profitable insurance provider to be in trouble? YES. A good example is the American International Group (AIG) $85 billion dollar bailout that happened in 2008 where the shaky foundations of the world’s largest insurer caused consumers to go into widespread panic.

Ironic, isn’t it, considering if there’s no ASSURANCE in INSURANCE, then the industry is basically devoid of any substance. Fortunately, insurers do not go bankrupt every other day, so it’s safe to say that you need not bail out of your policy this very moment. 

Reasons why insurers fail

With the existence of so many insurers in the world, it’d be understandable for some people to play the ‘What If’ game. The main question in everyone’s mind is: What IF insurers fail? This is a completely valid question to ask, because it’s happened before. Insurance companies HAVE failed in the past, and it will happen again.

Luckily, there are less insolvent insurers compared to failed financial institution. For example, approximately 700 insurers across the world failed to uphold their business (and their promise to consumers). This happened within the 30 years between the 1970’s to year 2000. Now, compare this number against the 500 financial institutions that went insolvent during the infamous economic crisis of the 1980’s. This figure is applicable to establishments that existed in the United States ALONE. So if you think about it, the low insolvency rate of insurers is pretty encouraging to instill high consumer confidence.

Main reasons why insurers declare insolvency:

  • Underreserving: This is usually caused by poor insurance practices.
  • Lack of insight: Inability to forecast risk of catastrophes will also cause insurers to close up shop.
  • Rapid growth: Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, right? CORRECT. When an insurance company expands too much and too soon using underpricing procedures, it stretches itself thin and pretty soon, causes its own downfall.
  • Fraud: Needless to say, fraudulent activities will cause ANY company to fail. When profitability is manipulated or incompetent management left to run the business, you can be sure that trouble will be brewing very soon. 

What happens when an insurance company goes bankrupt?

Should you hear that your insurer is going bankrupt, don’t panic just yet. Your insurance company may yet be saved by the state Department of Insurance which will decide to put the firm into rehabilitation in order to salvage the situation. If this isn’t possible, they will start the liquidation process.

 You have a guardian angel in the form of your state’s insurance guarantee association. They will do all they can to transfer policies belonging to the insolvent firm to other stable (rival) companies. Policyholders will still enjoy coverage that’s capped up to $300,000. 

Looking for the next best thing?

Should you have the misfortune of having your insurer fail, you should immediately make plans to shop for new coverage. You should have plenty of time before your old policy expires so do take the time and read up on these pointers to make an informed decision regarding which new insurer’s offer to take up.

  • Think about your needs before choosing a new policy. You may be tempted to take on a larger one (thanks to a possibly over-zealous insurance sales rep), but if you assess your needs and financial standing, you should be able to make the right decision and settle on a policy that fits you just right. A cheaper policy won’t provide as much coverage, but it won’t cost you an arm and leg either.
  • Shop around for price quotes. Don’t discount independent agents as they may have their own repertoire of insurance products that fulfill your needs.
  • Before enjoying a payout from your insurer, you must pay an amount called the deductible. Some policies come with higher deductibles, thus lowering your premium, but may not be such a wise choice as more money has to be paid out before your claim will be processed.
  • Contrary to popular thinking, it’s NOT all about the money. An insurance policy may catch your interest with its low premium but what’s even more worth your money is to sign up with a trustworthy insurance company that enjoys excellent financial standing.
  • Don’t be shy in asking for discounts from your sales rep. Some companies may offer discounts at their discretion so do take the initiative to ask if you’re eligible to have your premium lowered. 

Knowing when to quit

They say breaking up is hard to do. Not so, if you’re trying to sever relationship with your insurance company. If you’re not happy with your current insurer, it’s better to throw in the towel early than suffer heartache later. Here are some issues to mull over if you are thinking about switching insurance providers:

–          Are you kept in the dark when you have a question (or a series of questions) to ask? Are your insurance customer service personnel knowledgeable enough to satisfy your curiosity?

–          Does your insurer pay out quickly, or does it take a few angry phone calls to find out what happened to your claims?

–          Do you feel like you’re being short-changed by your insurer? Are their rates way higher than others? 

The conclusion

Let’s face it: finding crystal balls on the shelves of Wal-Mart isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be, so there’s really no way we can find out how to spot insurers that may one day fail to pay out.

The best thing is to only do business with companies that are licensed to sell insurance. It helps to keep yourself informed on the best life insurance companies around. Plus, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Know when you’re buying a product for protection (insurance) and when you’re paying for investment.

Money Management

7 Tips For The Financially Young

RiskWhen just starting out financially there are a few things that you need to make sure that you do. These are all optional but life will be so much less stressful if you follow them. So listen to this  Financial Help For College Students.

  • Save & Invest: Save all you can when you’re young and don’t have as many commitments as you will when you’re older. Invest in riskier stocks because the payoff is greater and if all doesn’t go so well then you have plenty of time to make up any loss if it occurs.
  • Forget Life Insurance: My job currently provides life insurance to me for free, but if it didn’t I wouldn’t pay for it. Unless you have anyone that depends on your income it’s not necessary.
  • Get Direct Deposit: Don’t waste your time going to the bank every week to cash your check. It’s so much less time consuming to just have your checked deposited into a checking account and you can also have a portion of it deposited into a savings account so you don’t even notice it.
  • Get Benefits: Try and land a job with some benefits. The main ones you’ll want to have are 401k, health, and dental. Health is going to be the most likely one you’ll have with the new healthcare laws going into effect, but the other ones will definitely help you out. If you get a 401k through work make sure you at least contribute up to the employer match so you can get that free money.
  • Get a Degree: Any degree will do, 2 year, 4 year, even some kind of certification will help you land a higher paying job. If you don’t get a degree then see my last tip.
  • Don’t take life so seriously: Things are going to happen that are out of your control, don’t stress over it. Follow this tip and you’ll live longer.
  • Take Risks: Start your own business, Ask the girl you like out, Apply for that job you don’t think you qualify for. If you don’t do it, you’ll never know. Don’t live regretting that you should have done something. Do It!! I promise you will recover from any rejection in the long life you have ahead of you.

Do you have any  Financial Help For College Students?

Debt Management

Pay Off Unexpected Bills With Great Short-Term Loans

No one can foresee when a vehicle might break down, a major appliance might require an expensive service call, or a personal injury might leave you in the hospital unable to work, but an online lender can help you make it through. Today, people faced with unexpected bills can seek fast, short term loans from great online organizations. Having access to loans from a reputable, honest, and fast-acting small loan company can ease the burden of everyday expenses and give your household much more flexibility.

Rapid loans fall into three basic types: single pay loans, flex-pay installment loans, and lines of credit. Different rules regulate each kind, but new customers who satisfy all lending requirements can typically expect to obtain quick loans ranging from $200 to $500. Customers can apply for any of these loans very simply as long as they are at least 18 years of age and areUS citizens with a verified bank account and an active source of income. Once you qualify, you can often see your money quickly; the better companies process online loan applications very rapidly. In some situations, approval occurs within twenty minutes and customers can see their money within 24 hours.


Of course, consumers need to remember some important issues before borrowing from just any company. Not all short-term lenders provide the same levels of caring, professional customer service, nor do they all obey lending lawsparticular to their state. It’s essential to thoroughly check out any company before seeking a short-term loan, only use firms that support responsible consumer borrowing.

Seek a company that takes great pride in providing prompt, courteous, and responsible service to its clients. Look for those that offer generous credit limits (up to $1,000) to customers, regardless of their credit histories. An online lender should also provide flexible pay back options, ensuring that their terms and rates are easy to understand. Check if the loan company ranks among the fastest growing state licensed lenders in the United States, since this is often a sign of excellent customer service.

Another important thing you should consider before you sign any contract is security. Find a lender that takes precautions to protect your financial privacy. Your lender should make certain that it keeps pace with advances in computer technology by maintaining an emphasis on online security. Responsible lenders use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, firewalls, verified site certificates, and advanced security software in order to prevent unauthorized breaches and protect your personal information.

After some research, you’ll find that MoneyKey offers state-of-the-art security for all of its clients, while also encouraging responsible lending habits. As a licensed online direct lender they are accountable, providing services in accordance with state rules and regulations. Check out to find out more about whyMoneyKey is a leading direct lender.

Once you establish a great relationship with your online lender, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re more prepared for any unforeseen expenses. Get back on your feet with short-term, small dollar loans and the unexpected won’t be so stressful.