When people want to get medical advice, they go online. When they want to know who the 16th president of the United States was, they go online. Legal advice can also be obtained online these days, but not all legal sites should be trusted. If you’re going to do your legal research online, you better know what you’re getting into and use a trusted source.

Finding Legal Advice

The best way to find legal advice online is to fist search for attorney’s offices. Most law firms have websites, and their sites list a frequently asked questions section. Here you can find the very basic legal advice that firm would give you. You can also call law offices that have free consultations and ask them for advice on your legal issue (not all law firms offer free consultations, though). You can also check out the various government sites that list legal advice. For instance, each state has a state government site with links to divorce laws, traffic laws, and more, and they explain how their laws may differ from other states’ laws. For example, on Delaware’s site, delcode.delaware.gov, it lists that people wishing to divorce must be separated for six months prior to filing for divorce. On Louisiana’s site, it says that the parties must be separated for one year prior to filing.

Sites for Paperwork

There are many sites in which you can file legal paperwork online, and most are great at handling basic legal needs. For instance, LegalZoom reviews say the paperwork was easy to fill out, easy to understand, accurate, and legally upheld in court. This is one of the biggest sites for filing legal paperwork online, but there are others. Always review the site and follow the instructions for filing properly. These site are designed to help, but if you don’t do things correctly, you may as well not seek help at all.

Issues with Advice Given Online

Obviously, online advice is limited. If you have a unique situation, you’ll want to speak to an actual attorney to handle your case. For example, if you share custody of your children but your ex-husband moves out of state, you may want to ask an attorney what your legal rights are in keeping your children in the state with you. This is not the type of paperwork that can easily be filled out online. Also, if you file papers online, there’s always the risk that you might accidentally file the wrong documents. Always research before you make legal decisions.

Filing legal paperwork, getting legal advice, and hiring an attorney can usually be done online these days. Read reviews of sites and attorneys before you decide to use the services, and always proceed with legal issues cautiously if you haven’t spoken to an attorney. Legal advice online may not be accurate, so you need to take what you read with a grain of salt and be sure to always follow up on anything you don’t understand or that may not seem correct to you.


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