Learn to think outside of the box

There are many ways you can try to make money but the best way is by broadening your view. The strategy, analysis, and the other things will always be there but if you cannot your view, there is no way you can get out of your failures. Most people only fail in their trades because they have a fixed view. They cannot think outside of the box and they are always losing the money. Even when they are presented with the new opportunity, they compare it with the old opportunity and they do not place the trades. This article will tell you how you can broaden your view that will ultimately make you successful.

The traditional way of trading

Everyone in the United Kingdom knows about Forex trading profession. Trading is an extremely profitable business for the right candidate. By using a leverage trading account, you can easily make a big profit even with small initial investment. But always remember the risk factors involved in currency trading business. Those who trade with aggression are nothing but gambles in this industry. You have to use a strategic approach to find good trades. Even after doing all the calculations of won’t be able to win all trades. Though we have access to modern tools and EAs, it’s better to use the traditional way of trading. Try to understand the manual trading strategy and learn more to improve your knowledge.

Staying with the herd

We all know it’s better to stay with the herd. But this proverb is not applicable to the traders in the exchange traded funds community. Since the majority of the traders are losing money, it’s highly imperative you don’t follow the herd. Start using your knowledge and focus on the long-term market trend. Take all the time you need but prepare yourself properly. Learn to think outside of the box and implement a simplified strategy to make real money in this profession.

Commoners can never be the king

One of the things you need to know that, the common traders can never be the king. They only obey and listen to what the other people are telling them and as a result, they never get to make their profit. If you are always listening to your mentors, you can never learn to trade. Get out of your comfort zone and feel the difference. There is a saying that “miracle happens when you get out of your comfort zone” this is true and also for the traders. When you are placing your trades for the next time, think of this concept and try to be different. People may be surprised but do not get scared. This is how the professionals have grown their career and become successful among thousands of traders.

Broaden your view

One of the reasons people lose their money is for their fixed mindset. Your mindset will determine what strategy you will choose, what you will avoid and how you can progress in your career. They are more important than your strategy and they guide you in the right directions. If your mindset is fixed, you will have a hard time accepting new trends. Remember, there is no trend or volatility fixed. Everything changes and so need you. Try to view the market form a broader angle and you will be surprised. There are many chances and opportunities knocking at your door but you need to see where those doors are.

Do not get stuck in a position

Be like moving water and you will feel the freedom of placing trades. What most people do is they get stuck in their position which was developed a long time ago. Their strategies have changed, their experience has grown but they are still in the old position. You need a bigger seat when you grow up, always try to learn new things that may expand your view.


Uniqueness of binary option trading unraveled

One of the most unique aspects of binary option trading is that you as a trader will know how much money you are putting at risk and what might be your return. Also, it is much easier to trade assets in the binary market as you either win or you lose. There is no midway to the trade and that makes it much relaxed form of trading. All you have to do as a trader is understand how the market is moving and you have to apply your instinct, common sense, and most importantly your experience to judge the direction of movement of the price of the asset.

Definitely, you have the liberty to seek help from the brokers. Depending on which part of the globe you are, you can sign up with a trading platform. An important thing you must remember about the binary brokers is that not all brokers work with the US traders due to certain norms related to regulations. As such, the best brokers accepting US traders can be found on

Having said that, it is now your turn to select the asset that you think will do justice to your hard earned money that you invest in the trade. Take time to decide upon the asset as this is what will make you win or lose the trade. This is because not all assets perform in the same manner. Different parameters influence the outcome of a trade related to differing assets.

Trade different assets under one roof

Another very important aspect that you ought to keep in mind about binary option trading is that perhaps it is only in the binary option market that you are allowed to trade different types of assets under the same roof. For instance, here you can trade stock indices like currency pairs, crude oil, gold (commodity), and also large cap stocks if you wish to. If you explore other markets, you will not find a common trading platform for all these types of assets.

You will opt for a CALL option when you find that the market is bullish else you opt for PUT option, if you find that the binary market is bearish. The best part about binary option trading and selecting a suitable broker is that you have the liberty to work with more than one broker. This also means that you will be able to enjoy payouts from more than one broker. And if the brokers that you choose to work with offer handsome payouts, you are the winner in the long run.

Selecting the right broker

Selecting the right broker is one thing not everyone can do wisely. It is best not to rush into the broker you meet the very first time. Take time to compare the services, payouts, and method of working of the trading platforms. Only if you find that you will be comfortable in dealing with the broker under the terms and conditions laid down by them should you proceed and sign the contract. A wrong decision can cost you a fortune in the long run. 

Debt Management

Budget-Wise Tips This Holiday Season: Learn Them Now

Budget-Wise Tips This Holiday Season: Learn Them Now


The holidays are here again; the attractive deals, shopping-inspired atmosphere and wild rush to purchase “limited” goods. It is easy to get carried away in the melee of excitement.

Remember, you will have to take account of your finances afterwards. In a survey, about 43% of people admitted to financial regret after the fervour of the holidays was over. You don’t want this to be your lot.

In this post, our financial expert suggests savvy shopping tips that ensure you enjoy the holiday without making mistakes that will cost you, literally.

1.    Value your relationships

Everybody has a list of people they would like to gift something this holiday. However, careful planning is key to avoid putting pressure on your finances. Write down a list of your loved ones and friends. Put a certain amount you wish to spend beside their name. The price limits will help keep your holiday budget in check.

2.    Compare prices with your phone

There are many gift ideas available in all the retail stores. Don’t make the mistake of deciding on the first place you come across, or you may end up paying more when you could pay less. Rather, use your phone to compare the price of the same item in other stores. This should present you with cheaper- even better alternatives.

3.    Don’t put off shopping until it is late

The holiday shopping experience banks on one thing; “limited offers”. Even though some of these items may not be limited, marketers use the scarcity principle to drive sales. When you buy early, you are somewhat immune to this effect. Moreover, you don’t get involved in the rush that is common with late shopping sprees. It is safer and more wallet-friendly.

4.    Research your options thoroughly

During the holidays, most people are in a hurry to secure the ‘best deals’ that they let down their guard. Online fraudsters capitalise on this to scam unsuspecting shoppers. Beware of deals that appear too good to be true.

Always research the vendor. Protect the details of your current account (or any other bank account) online. Watch out for fake websites, phishing scams and products that are not really there.5.    Consider making gifts

The beauty of giving gifts to loved ones is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. As they say, the joy is in the gesture. If you are good with your hands, put on your creative hat and get crafting. There are many good ideas on DIY websites. Consider beautifully framed photos, cookies for your kids’ teachers, knitwear and so on. They are practical and cost effective.

6.    Manage your spending

Prepare a budget for your expenditures. It is essential to pen down a total amount you plan to spend this holiday. Watch the cash flow and note when you go off track.

It is easier to remain in control when you spot heavy spending early. Factor in additional expenses like delivery and shipping costs so you don’t get caught off guard. If you are travelling, create a travel budget too.

After the holidays, do a review of your expenses and write down lessons learned.


Efficient Gadget Insurance Aids You in Saving Your Money

According to a survey an average individual carries gadgets of worth Rs. 30,000 with them, daily. Having a dedicated and efficient insurance for your gadgets will help you in saving a lot of money, as it provides protection against break down, theft, accidental and loss damages. Today, insurance covers are available for almost all types of electrical gadgets including laptops, cell phones, iPods, iPads, GPS devices and desktops, etc. Hence, it is a must for all gadget owners to look for an efficient and affordable gadget insurance scheme which can protect your precious and day to day electronics and gadgets, in the best way possible.

Today, theft and burglary of costly electronic devices is very common. At present, every year millions of gadgets are stolen, lost, damaged or they break down. Even in one single year, around one million electronic devices gets damages or lost. Some of us lose our expensive cell phones just by dropping them in laundry wash or in the toilets. An average electronic insurance cover premium is around Rs. 600 a month. At present, some of the renowned companies even offer group electronic insurance schemes, in these policies; you can insure or safeguard different gadgets under one gadget insurance cover.

Hence, with these insurance cover, you need not to make enough expenses and you can easily achieve peace of mind and satisfaction, too after realizing that your gadgets are safe. It is important to check that under what circumstances your insurance policy will protect your gadgets.  It is advisable to choose an insurance that is versatile which means, it must protect your gadgets and electronics against all types of threats such as theft, lost, damage, etc. A good insurance policy safeguards your gadgets against burglary as well as against accidental damages where electronics are kept unattended in safe premises and vehicles.

The policy must cover all types of electronic items and gadgets such as phones, electronics, laptops, desktops, etc. and provides extensive guarantees on all damages. Some key points that the insurance policy must include are accidental coverage, global coverage, 48 hours mobile phone replacement warranty and free of charge cell phone contact back-up. For instance, if your devices gets broken or damages, then a good insurance policy is liable to replace or repair your gadget. It is the insurance company who will decide whether the gadget will get repaired, or it has to be replaced.

For theft insurance coverage, you need to report to the police and the cell phone service provide. This will instantly stop the mobile phone services to the phone and will blacklist the device. After this, you can ask for a replacement within 72 hours. Hence, good gadget insurance certainly brings enormous peace and satisfaction for one’s mind that even if you have lost or broken your gadgets, accidentally, you can relax. So, don’t wait any more and start looking for a suitable, versatile and affordable insurance policy that can safe guard your electronic devices and gadgets against all types of threats. 

Money Management

Cutting Expenses in 3 Places You Might Not Even Notice

Spending less and saving more isn’t exactly most people’s idea of a good time. However, if you truly want to control your finances, you also need to control your spending. This means finding ways to build up savings. Luckily, there are a few places that you can cut spending and probably not even notice the difference.

Reexamine Your Insurance Policies

Insurance can be expensive. However, since there are many insurance companies out there, it can be possible to find lower rates on your existing coverage. Look at your policies and figure out what you are spending each month. By examining your policies you can determine if there are any ways to spend less. Often, savings are possible when you combine automobile, homeowners and other policies. You may also be able to switch to a lower priced insurance solution while still getting great coverage. Each insurance company calculates their rates differently, which means that some companies can offer better deals in certain situations than others. Consider using a rate comparison service to compare insurance rates and see if you can find some simple savings.

Lower Your Utility Usage

Turning off the lights and using less water can add up. You may find that if you focus on reducing your energy consumption that you will really notice a difference on your monthly bills. Consider turning off the lights more often, switching to energy efficient light bulbs or reducing the amount of time you water your lawn. You can also adjust the thermostat a little or put it one a timer so it doesn’t have to run all day. These little changes won’t affect your life much, but could result in a little extra money each month.

Buy Generic

Grocery store and other generic brands often work and taste just as good as their more expensive counterparts. Try a few new generic products and see how you like them. If they don’t meet your needs, you can always switch back to your favorite the next time you purchase this item. However, if they are just as good as the other products, you can enjoy their savings. Try a less expensive version of a couple products next time you hit the grocery store. Odds are you won’t even notice the difference.

These simple tips are great ways to spend a little less and save more without compromising. Often getting in control of your finances is simply learning to evaluate options more rather than sacrificing the things you love.